Change blogger look by themes

Three coloumn blogger template

If you completed three post and still not added Google adsense on your site first place some adds and then go ahead because every minute you are not showing adds you may be losing money.

Look of your blog :-> Many time new blogger think they cannot change the look of their blog to the fantastic look like other blogs because they are not technical person and they cannot create blog theme like others. Few even don’t think for changing the default theme. If you want to monetize your blog and want good revenue from your blog I must recommend you to change the default theme with some nice themes.

Ok next jumping question in your mind must be how you can change that!!

Answer is simple you can just download the template from few free template providers and you can just upload these themes on blogger and you can get fantastic looking UI.

You can get multiple themes from either of these links. This website provide free blogger template but the only thing that I don’t find good is it ask for few alteration in its code else its very good. Here you will get all the three column altered template of existing template of blogger. You can use either of these template if you want to stick with Google default template. This is my own blog from where you can get the three column blogger template. These blogger templates are originally copied from above two locations or from some other location also but I altered them for highly optimizing with Google ad sense and I tried to remove all the work from your side other then adding adsense code.

For almost all the template you need to do some changes that help you will get from download location so do not worry for any change.

How to change blogger template please visit my next post here


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