Adobe Reader 9 offline installation

Adobe reader 9 offline installation

After release of Acrobat 9 Adobe finally released adobe reader 9 on tueday july 1st 2008. With Adobe Reader 9, users can play Flash movies, Shockwave animation, and other rich media content without needing to open a third-party player.
The Update is supposed to load faster than its version 8 and it will be fast over WebPages also

One very good feature with new tool is that it can save the entire document as text so no need of having any import tool for importing its data. But bad thing with this save as text tool is that it do not support formatting it only export text not the formatting.

When I tried to download Adobe reader 9 from internet it gives me online installation link and for multiple computer installation certainly I do not want to have an online installation so after few tweaking I was able to find Adobe reader 9 offline installation setup

You can download Adobe reader9 offline installation from Here or visit Adobe website for online installation.

Command to open adobe reader from run panel is acrord32. It will directly open Acrobat installed version.

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