This virtual machine is already in use

This virtual machine is already in use

Some times when you start you vmware virtual machine you get error that this virtual machine is already in use and you get amazed, because you are not using this machine. You did not turned on the machine and even you are getting this message.

So what’s the matter?

Generally this error occurs when you copy your virtual machine from one place to other place. For get rid of this message you just need to delete few files from your virtual machine folder and you are done with that.

Open your virtual machine folder where all files of your VMware virtual machine are there. You will get a folder like osname.vmx.lck. open this folder and delete all the .lck files of this folder. Now turn on the machine and you will not have any issue now to turn it on.

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USB internet Data card modem on Linux

USB internet Data card modem on Linux

Here is procedure for connecting USB interent Data card on Linux box.

I have tested it on Reliance,Tata and BSNL card on linux.

1)Connect USB Data card on USB port of computer

2) Open a terminal window.

3) Log in as root, i.e. type “su -” sans the quotes and enter the root password.

4) "wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf" It will create a wvdial.conf file in etc directory (Please remove quote ).

5) Then use to edit the file “/etc/wvdial.conf”.(you can use any editor I would recommend gedit. Command would be “gedit /etc/wvdial.conf”).

6) Enter/edit the following text into this file.





Dial Command = ATDT



FlowControl= Hardware (CRTSCTS)

[Dialer Reliance]

Username= username

Password= password

Phone= #777

Stupid Mode= 1

Inherits = Modem0

7)Disable network connection of your computer

8) Final step is giving the command “wvdial Reliance”, and if everything is proper you should be able to connect to the internet.

For Tata: username and password is “internet” without quote

For Relianace : username and password is phone number of the device

For BSNL modem: its username and password is “cdma”

I used only three USB modem till this time but I hope it will work for all the USB modem.

Please let me know if you get any problem in your connection.

Do comment if you like it.

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BSNL EVDO Internet data card

BSNL EVDO Internet data card speed Upto 2MBPS

Back one year BSNL Launched 3G technology internet data card for giving 2 mbps internet connection on wireless technology, that too in only in INR 500. They launched this service long back but they start selling it just few days back.

I am using this internet data card since one month and I got really amazing speed on this data card. At-least in India this is the fastest and most stable connection till this time that I have used. I used TATA,Reliance and Airtel internet data card but neither of those were stable nor good speed.

I got its maximum speed till 1.2 mbps in good condition. Speed varies from location to location. At my room I get average speed 512kbps, maximum speed goes to 1.2mbps and most of the time speed varies betweeb 500 kbps to 700kbps. At my office I get average 250kbps speed nad maximum speed till 800kbps It varies between 250 to 400kbps.

Good things about BSNL Data card.

1) Up to 2 mbps speed.

2) Documentation only as much as you need to get a fixed line phone.

3) Available on rent.

4) Only in INR 500 you get unlimited internet connection with a good speed.

Bad things About BSNL data card

1) Roaming is not there with it till this time. (As per official nce they got infrastructure over entire country they will make it roaming.)

2) On wireless so sometime problem occurs (not reliable as fixed line but more reliable than other provider in India).

Its usage is very simple.

Just Install->change the user name password->connect

Yes it’s like this only it works with windows XP as well as windows Vista also. For Vista they will give you an aditional patch.I have not tested it on Linux or Mac but I am sure it would work because it just need a dialler and in Linux and Mac you can use wvdial for dialling internet connection (on Linux I have tested Tata and Reliance USB internet data card, will post that soon here) I will test it and I will share the result.

One thing that you need to remember if they haven’t told you username and password you will be in trouble. You may not get it on any website or forum. Its username and password both is CDMA.I got the same problem after taking the connection and I found solution after reaching to their office only. On web I found use phone number and It was bullshit reliance user might have thrown a guess with that answer.

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out of coverage area

Hi Friends,

I will not be able to deliver any of my article for atleast 8 days from today as I am going to my home town and I would be not using any kind of Infomration technology during this time other then mobile phone, may be that would be off too.

Please drop me a mail as you always do if you have any problem.
my mail id is


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About Stored network Username and password in XP and Vista

About Stored network Username and password in XP and Vista

If you are working in a network or even in a small network of 2-3 computer you must be using file sharing. It’s very easy in XP as well as vista also. By Default at the time of sharing we keep guest account on but some time due to security issue we do not like to turn on the guest account and in that case other computer have to use share folder with a specific user name and password. When you connect to any shared folder is ask for the user name and password and you simply give the user name and password and for ease of use we select remember the user name and password. Now issue starts her.

Suppose you have different shared folder. One shared folder is user A for accessing this user A folder you have to give credentials of user A and next folder is user B for accessing this user B folder you have to give credentials of user B. If you already selected remember this password for user A than you won’t be able to access user B folder as user A is not allowed to access user B folder. So you have three options now

1)login as new user

2)Swap the name or IP of the server.

3)remove stored username or password

In above three method first one is simple just create a new user and login on your computer using that new user and access the shared folder with new credential but it’s a pathetic way and I do not recommend it at all.

Second method is method that I like very much personally.

Suppose you connected to shared folder user A by using a IP let’s say file:///// with user A credentials and you selected remember my password so you won’t be able to access user B folder now if you want to access user B folder that try to connect by computer name of this ip. Suppose computer name of this IP is computer1 then type file://///computer1 in run panel and select ok it will ask for user name give user B credentials and now you can access user B folder.

If you used name for connecting user A folder just use IP second time.

This is very useful at the time when you did not store user name and password but need to access the other share folder with other user name. As your session is already there system will take you to shared folder with stored session so either restart your system of use this method to access the shared folder.

Third method is to remove stored user name and password from computer.

It’s very simple method


1) Go to control panel

2) Double click on user accounts.

3) Select the account by which you login.

4) Click on manage my password and remove the IP or name of the computer from popup window

5) Restart the computer and you are done

In Vista

1) Go to control panel

2) Double click on user account

3) Click on Manage your network password in tasks section.

4) Remove the IP or name of the computer from stored user name and password

5) Click on close restart the computer and you are done.

It’s done

Remember one thing if you are accessing some shared resource with a user name password that is similar to your computer it wont ask for user name and password.

Lets say your computer username is admin and password is pass and same is the case for shared folder also then your computer will connect to shared computer with user name admin and password pass so if its not asking for user name or password even if guest account is off do check this once.

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Portable PDF reader

Portable PDF reader

In my previous post I gave information about the Portable Office suit and portable Firefox this time here I am with a portable PDF reader. This is a very small tool and I loved it, after using this I decided I should not install acrobat reader or any PDF reading software on my computer for giving an amount of RAM and Hard disk to that particular program even If I am not using it. Day before yesterday I in need of PDF reader so First I thought to download acrobat reader 9 than I decided for Foxit PDF reader but finally I ended up with Sumatra PDF reader.

It comes in a zipped exe file of around 1.07MB size and after extraction its size is only 1.6MB.I extracted it and after extraction with few setting this software would worked as fine as it works for a machine where it is installed. I can open any PDF file by just double click on the file with Sumatra Portable PDF reader

Here is the method to use this portable PDF reader
1) After downloading extract the file at your desired location.
2) Now go to you PDF file right click on the file and select open with.
3) Click on Browse button and browse the SumatraPrtablePDF.exe file. This file will be there in your extracted folder.
4) Do select Always use this program to open this kind of file.
5) Now click on OK

After the above setting you can open any PDF file by just double click on the PDF file that you have.

The best thing that I liked with this software is its Free so you need not to worry about piracy at all.
You can download it from
here it is direct link for the download.

This is not compleete I will come with more portable application very soon.

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Stop Acrobat Reader Auto Update

Stop Acrobat Reader Auto Update

Few Days back I got a problem that one of my office met system got dam slow and it was not working at all. I checked the problem and culprit was Acrobat updater. It was running and it was downloading a 27MB of update. It was consuming all the system resource. I stopped Acrobat reader update services from task manager and I tried to stop its auto update from acrobat update preferences setting but I was amazed that there was no control for stop the auto update. After this I had no other option than going to Google.

After a short Google search I was able to get to my destination. In some results it said edit Registry and stop its auto updater but I was not in mood to play with Registry that time so I searched more and found I can stop it just by deleting a folder in Program file. So stopping Acrobat reader Auto update go to

:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe

now here you will get a folder called updater

it may have some number with like updater6 so just delete this folder. Renaming folder would not do the task as its update exe is inside this folder only.

After deleting this folder you need not to do anything you are done with this. After this adobe updater will never prompt you unless you update it manually from its website.

If you have any doubt you can take backup of your updater folder in your backup location before deleting it so if you wish you can restore it any time.

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Optimize memory for running programs

Optimize memory for running programs

Initially developed for Firefox only, Minimem now can reduce the memory footprint of any application. It runs in the background and can be set up to optimize as many proceses as you'd like, using a very intuitive graphical interface. Unlike other memory optimization tools, it gives you full control over what applications you want to optimize, when and how often.

It optimizes memory by removing as many non-necessary memory pages as possible from the selected processes. It does so at regular intervals which can be user-defined as well and every 30s by default. This then optimizes your applications which can load those pages back whenever they need, and makes your overall system perform much better whenever it is memory limited.

Typical applications are:

* Reducing the memory footprint of memory-heavy applications that should not e.g. web browsers or office applications
* Making it easier to run applications with memory leaks, e.g. Firefox 2 or extremely large footprints e.g. Firefox 3
* Running multiple applications on the same computer e.g. web desktop tool, web browser, office application all concurrently
* Use computers that are not so recent with modern applications
* And many more...

Minimem in principle should support all Windows versions, though it is only tested on Windows XP 32 bits SP3.

Click below to download the Minimem installer. Also note Minimem requires the version 2.0 of the .NET framework to be installed on your computer (automatic with XP and Vista; has to be done by you for older versions; the Minimem installer will help you a bit with this).
Minimem (version 1.0): download .

If you are looking for a portable version of Minimem to e.g. run off an external drive, then just use the minimem.exe file the installer will place in the install folder (called minimem): this .exe does not rely on anything from the installer so this should work just fine.
Just launch the installer after you saved it on disk or launch directly from the link. The install process is straighforward and you can launch Minimem from the Windows Start menu once done with the installation.

And a last note: Minimem is a freeware, i.e. is free to use for any pusonal purpose; a more complete license agreement is available from the installer. If you'd like to use it for a professional purpose, this can certainly be arranged though is not provisionned for in our default license terms so please do contact us in such case.

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Probably Best Free Antivirus : Antivir

Probably Best Free Antivirus

Daily I get lot of mails to suggest a free and best antivirus that need least resource with high security. I suggest them one and only Avira Antivir personal edition. It’s free and very good antivirus.

AVG is also free but AVG 7.5 support would not be there after this month’s 25th and AVG 8 is pathetic. AVG 8 use huge resource and that makes computer slow.

About Avira Antivir I am using that since almost 2 and half years. Back 30 Months I faced a big issue of “black worm Virus “and I checked almost every antivirus but none of them worked other than MacAfee , kaspersky and Antivir . I opted for Avira Antivir that time because it was free for home and personal use and very effective solution.

You can configure it for alerts and advance security option similar to any other Antivirus.

Antivir protect not only from Virus but also from Trojan and worms also. Along with this it covers AntiPhishing protection from phishingg . with its new version scanning is faster as it was never before.

You can download it from its website.

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