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~ Senior IT Professional ~

IT Infrastructure / Network & System Administration / Technical Support

 Technically sound professional with more than 6 year of core experience in IT and 2 years in other fields reflecting leadership and technical qualification with Technical Support, System & Networking Management, Customer Support and Team Management.

 Good in preplanning for future need of organization and negotiation skills with vendor for work domain.

 Was working with InfoBeans Systems India Pvt. Ltd Indore – as Network Engineer.

 Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale & mission critical projects on time & under budget Including, In-house exchange server, SharePoint server, Forefront End Point Protection with single sign on from windows server 2008 R2.

 Adept in analysing information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, troubleshooting for complex systems management.

 Skilled in Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2, Exchange Servers 2003, 2007 and 2010,Sharepoint 2007 and 2010, Windows Deployment server, Microsoft Security Essential and Forefront End Point protection. IIS 6, 7 and 7.5.

 Virtualization using Hyper-V, Virtual PC nad VMware workstation and server.

 Basic knowledge of SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2008R2 for backup and maintenance purpose.

 Management of SVN and VSS server with backup planning and restoration plan.

 Good Experience on Endian firewall and Fortinet firewall with maintenance and planning of same.

 A technocrat with expertise in heading and managing projects on Installation, Maintenance, IT Infrastructure Development, Technical Support.

 Team-based management style and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

KEY FUNCTIONAL STRENGTHS ---------------------------------------------------------------------

IT Infrastructure Management

 Ensuring application of & compliance with the company’s policies in administration of IT Infrastructure / facilities after review of New Hardware and Accessories.

 Assessing IT requirements of the organisation in terms of software, hardware and other peripherals / products, and handle procurement of the same.

 Streamlining operation procedures and advising management to adopt modern techniques, which help organisation to maintain flawless system.

 Attending serious hardware breakdowns if team cannot solve it by them self; manage preventive maintenance of the computers, by ensuring that hardware equipment function smoothly & control movement of computer equipment.

 Backup of servers and planning for up gradation of hardware with almost zero down time when any hardware reaches time of 3 years life time.

Network Project Management

 Mapping business requirements and providing customised networking solutions involving finalisation of product specifications and selection of appropriate techniques.

 Handling the installation and commissioning of networking equipments & switches, computer hardware devices and software, ensuring maximum uptime.

 Installation of different servers for different works with backup planning and maximum uptime.

 Installation of Internet line with auto switch on backup line for maximum uptime

 Monitoring and maintaining network security and performance.

 Handling Windows Desktop Support & Remote Desktop Management.

 Troubleshooting network problems related to LAN and WAN.

 Migration on Microsoft online services from Local Exchange, SharePoint in-house environment to cloud.

 Installation of Digital EPBX with future planning for expansion and management of same.

Technical Support

 Attending to the network faults, analysing them through root-cause analysis and suggesting technical solutions for overcoming the same.

 Interacting with the ISP’s and other service providers in order to resolve problems at ISP end like link not working, problem with subscribed service, interacting with ISP’s to outsource any in house service in case of TOS of the required facility for an organisation.

 Extending high-end technical support on various Servers and ensuring high customer satisfaction levels through prompt redressal of their problems.

 Updating on problems and their solutions, inventory and user update to be taken.

 Training new employees on existing systems & providing orientation to the systems and common services related to network.

 Coordinating with the network operations team to transmit accurate customer requirements and concerns.

Team Management

 Leading, training, recruiting & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in network operation and meeting of individual & group targets.

 Conducting meetings for setting up IT objectives and designing or streamlining processes to ensure smooth functioning of IT operations.

 Encouraging team to read good books for improving communication, leader ship skills and taking everything as an opportunity.

 Assisting and counselling team to resolve conflict between team, to overcome with personal problems and to help them understand each other leaving individual ego behind the bars.

IT Skills:

Operating Systems : Windows 2000 server and professional, XP, Server 2003, Server 2003 R2, Server 2008, Windows server 2008 R2

(Basic Knowledge of Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mac OS X)

Servers : Exchange server 2007,2010, SharePoint Server 2007, 2010, Forefront client security server,

Software Exposure : VS.Net 2003 to 2010, Java PHP (Installation and basic understanding of same),

Database : MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL server 2008 R2 (Installation, Backup and Restoration)

Networking Devices : Switches, Hubs and Lease Modem and Firewall ( Hardware and software both)

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ----------------------------------------------------------------------

November 05/Feb 2012 InfoBeans Systems India Pvt. Ltd, Indore Network Engineer


 Creation of New servers on virtual or physical server as per team member’s requirement, management of those server and backup of those servers as per planning.

 Regular backup of Source control from VSS and SVN and checking integrity of that backup data.

 Regular Backup of SQL server, checking integrity of backup and restoration in case it’s needed.

 Creation of Users for Active directory, Source control, Ms Online services and other core work.

 Permission sharing for SharePoint as per specific need of team member.

 Time to time update of servers from old Hardware to new hardware and new Operating system as well.

 Planning for up gradation of hardware, Internet leased line, EPBX expansion and UPS as per future growth of team size.

 Taking complaints and requested from all team member and assigning task to network team, follow up for the task and intervene if they are not able to do it on time.

 Constant watch on IP based inter office calling and other Vonage services for overseas calling.

 Making sure Video Conferencing Device is in its perfect condition and can work any time.

 Negotiation with vendors for AMC, new order and revision of costing for existing services.

 Making in-house services and servers available on internet with restriction of those service access only

 Managing the following:

- 148 nodes in the LAN.

- PRI circuit and for Phone line.

- Wi-Fi network of office.

- 3Physical Intel Xeon Server with multiple Virtual machines

- 14 servers including the backup.

- EPABX running voice PRI and IP calling.

 Taking care of power management for Computer, network and communication devices (UPS).

 Selecting peripherals and networking, assessing hardware and network requirement and up gradation, online technical assessment for the internet based client.

 Renewal for gold certification program by completing all the basic requirement for same

 Communication with Microsoft team for licensing and similar issues

 Purchase of software licensing if needed.


 Recipient of Team member of the month twice for extra ordinary work.

 Created network of 60 Seats in less than 24 hour at time of office renovation to make sure there is no downtime.

 In case of a fire I restored 2 Internet lease lines PRI line and power backup in less than 24 hour from ISP and other vendors help.

 Created In-house Exchange server, SharePoint server and other servers needed for day to day activity.

 In last one year no unplanned downtime of internet or UPS. Even if Internet is down from ISP seamlessly shifted on backup line

 Negotiation with all vendors including ISP

 Managed team of four member.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS -----------------------------------------------------------------

 Microsoft Certified Professional: Microsoft Windows Small Server.

ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS -------------------------------------------------------------------------

2002 Higher Secondary from Vaishnav higher Secondary school Indore (MP Board)

My Hobbies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Writing Poetry


Reading books

Writing blogs

PERSONAL DOSSIER --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Date of Birth : 13th July 1984

Address : DW 203 Gyanshila Township, Gram Talawali, Near Dainik bhaskar press

Indore 452010

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