Install IIS in windows XP without Having Windows XP CD

Yesterday night I found myself in a big problem, I had to install IIS on a remote XP machine and I had no windows XP CD or image there. I have this image in my network but I couldn’t take the remote machine on my VPN as we both the network had same local default gateway.
I searched for the same over internet and found something that I was not very much happy so I decided to go for my own way and I extracted all the required dll, ocx, exe and other files from Windows XP CD and uploaded them on Rapidshare now any one can use this file to install IIS without having CD.
I will explain both the method and you choose which one you want to go.
Simplest method
Download the Windows XP IIS required file from rapid share link extract it and give the path of this extracted folder when it ask for dll files while installing IIS in XP without having a CD.

rapidshare. com/files/213300927/
(please add http and  remove space in it due to some problems I cant make a complete link here.)

Second method
1) Download the windows XP SP 2 patch from softwarepatch. com/windows/xpsp2.html (please add http and  remove space in it due to some problems I cant make a complete link here.)  .
2) Extract the downloaded exe file using the bellow command in command prompt.
C:\Downloads\Software>WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe /extract d:\xpsp2
Here c:\downloads\software is the folder where this WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe file is stored and d:\xpsp2 is location where all the files from this file will get extracted.
3) When extraction is done install IIS and give the path of i386 folder in d:\xpsp2\i386 folder it will take all the necessary files from this location.

Precaution: The above method will work only for windows XP 32 bit version. For 64 bit version you need to download separate sp2 file.

If you feel not safe for installing files from my zipped file you can download those 118 file from
I hope it was useful and helped you to solve your problem.
Thanks for being here

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