Not able to send mail from Exchange Server using Drupal form

unable to send mail from Drupal using Exchange server

add that particular user as member of ExchangeLegacyInterop Groups

We shifted our mail server from a pop3 server to in-house exchange server and after that we faced few issue in different zones one of them is Mail sending from Drupal. My team members were able to send mail using pop3 settings earlier but they were not able to send mail using exchange setting.

They used Gmail smtp setting and they were able to send mail using Gmail. I tested it with other code and I found I am able to send mail using code so ultimate result was it’s a compatibility issue between exchange server and Drupal.

I tested sending mail with account that has full permission, that particular account was member of each group and I was able to send mail using that ID. I tried sending mail with other users and Identified I am not able to send mail even when that user is Administrator group member. Then I started adding exchange related groups one by one in a test user account and tested if I am able to send mail now or not.

After few attempt I found this user must need to be member of ExchangeLegacyInterop group to send mails using Drupal. I added this user in ExchangeLegacyInterop Group and after that I can send and mail using Drupal form or code to any ID.

So end result is if you want to send mail from Exchange Server using Drupal you need to add that particular user in ExchangeLegacyInterop Group.

Please understand I had a previous exchange 2007 server in my environment and this issue may occur due to that also so if it do not work for you than do let me know.

I hope it was useful for you and thanks for being here

Thanks and regards

AP Dubey

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The nominated exchange server for offline address book OAB has been deleted nominate a valid server and restart setup

I was trying to install client access and hub transport server role in my Exchange test environment. In this environment I intentionally removed my Exchange 2007 but I dint know it will create issue for me while installing other server role.

I was trying to install client access server role on one of my test server and found error “The nominated exchange server for offline address book OAB has been deleted nominate a valid server and restart setup” in prerequisites of exchange 2010 client access server role.

I tried assigning it from my exchange management console over new exchange 2010 server but it was making my console hang so I decided to remove the settings from ADSI Edit and then try to install. I removed the setting and installation went smooth. After that I got the offline address book as well.

Here is procedure for that.

1) on run type adsiedit.msc

2) On ADSI Edit MMC right click on ADSI Edit and click on connect to

3) from second drop down list bellow select a well-known naming context select configuration and click ok

4) in configuration it will give you FQDN of your domain

5) Now go to services under CN=Configuration, DC=yourdomain,DC=com

6) Under Services double click on CN=Microsoft Exchange

7) It will take you to your domain

8) under this double double click on CN=Address Lists Container

9) Under this you will get CN=Offline Address Lists groups.

10) remove these settings from here restart your installation

Run the setup again. This time it should get installed with no issue.

Please understand these settings changes may impact your running exchange organization so please implement these changes on your own risk I will not be able to take responsibility for any damage.

I hope it helped you. Thanks for being here


AP Dubey

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Not able to install mailbox server role in Exchange 2010

Mailbox server role installation failed in exchange 2010

This issue can come due to many different issue and you need to work on each issue one by one.

It could be due to a discovery search mailbox issue, or federated email account issue or issue or time difference issue or active directory schema issue.

I can come up with 4 issues and solution at this time and in future I may write more as well.

1) Time Synchronization issue: Make sure you have synched time on new server with your Active directory server. If you do not have this time synched than its not going to work on your server and you may find a failed mailbox server installation.

2) First thing after having this error you should do is prepare the active directory and schema again run these three command for this in given order

a. setup /prepareschema, setup /preparead, and setup /pad

b. Make sure you are running these command from exchange server installation folder using command prompt

c. Restart the system and try installing it

3) If above solution do not work try to recreate federated email account.

4) Federated email account not working properly :If you are not able to install exchange server mailbox server role than try removing and creating federated email account once procedure for that is as bellow

a. Remove the FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042 e-mail account by using the ADSIEDIT tool. To do this, follow these steps:

b. Click Start, click Run, type adsiedit.msc, and then click OK.

c. Locate the Default Naming Context node, and then locate to the CN=Users container.

d. Locate and then right-click the CN=FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042 container. Then, click Delete.

e. Rerun the Exchange Server 2010 Mailbox role setup application.

f. Create a new federated e-mail account by using the following command:

g. New-Mailbox -Arbitration -Name FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042 -UserPrincipalName FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042@<Default_Accepted_Domain>

h. Now restart your server and try to install the server role

5) If above solution also do not work then try recreating Discovery Search mailbox. Ideally Discovery search mailbox should get created after running prepareAD and prepareschema command. You can use this link for recreating Discovery Search Mailbox. or remove the discovery search mailbox from exchange managment console and restart the server now follow step 2 given above and try to install the mailbox server role. It should get installed.

Please understand whatever changes I am suggesting I am suggesting that on my own experience and it could be anything in your environment so I would request you to check these changes first in your similar test environment. Another thing that I will say please use these tricks after taking a complete backup.

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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Not able to mount database in exchange server when DAG is failed

Remove DAG from ADSI edit to mount the database automatically

If you are running a DAG that is failed and you do not have witness server or your secondry mailbox server that this problem may come to you for its solution remove the DAG from server and database will get mounted automatically.

  1. On run type adsiedit.msc
  2. On ADSI Edit MMC right click on ADSI Edit and click on connect to
  3. From second drop down list bellow select a well-known naming context select configuration and click ok
  4. In configuration it will give you FQDN of your domain
  5. Now go to services under CN=Configuration, DC=yourdomain,DC=com
  6. Under Services double click on CN=Microsoft Exchange
  7. It will take you to your domain
  8. Under this double double click on Administrative groups
  9. Under this you will get database availability groups.
  10. On other side you will find entry for your Database availability group
  11. Remove these settings from here restart your EMC and this time your mail database should get mounted.

Please understand I am not very big exchange expert and this is a suggestion from my side based on my experience, I am not responsible for any damage in your exchange organization so kindly do these changes on your own guarantee.

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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Outlook asks for password to connect to exchange server each time it start: Solution

If you are not using exchange server under your domain than it may be possible that exchange will ask for user name and password each time you connect with it and even select remember password.

It’s very simple and easy to manage for not to prompt for password for outlook and exchange connectivity

Go to control panel -->credential manager-->click on Add a windows credential.
It will take you to a new page where it will ask for Internet or network address user name and password. Give the settings as bellow

Internet or network address: (replace with your exchange server)
User name : your exchange mail id
Password : your exchange password.

Now open outlook and it won’t ask for a password to get connected with exchange server.

Please remember above settings are for windows 7 but if you have windows xp you can do same for that as well.

Follow this support article for same

Thanks for being here

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Microsoft Exchange system attendant service started and then stopped.

Microsoft Exchange system attendant service started and then stopped.

Microsoft Exchange system information service failed to start

I was trying to install Exchange server mailbox server role in my organization where I already had exchange server 2007 and exchange server 2010. I installed additional server roles in my test environment and I was able to do that successfully in test but as soon as I tried to do it in live environment it started failing. I was just shocked had my heart in my hands and then I started searching things for it.

I searched on internet and I found lot of useful links but none of them worked for me. I am posting few of them here because it might be useful for you in case my trick do not work for you. (very useful)

You can have any of above solution in your system to check if it’s working for you. Before trying these solutions make sure you check if your clock setting and time zone of your exchange server is correct and synch with your domain controller.

If time is not synch on your server and client machine than I would suggest you to do following

1) First synch time on your ADC server and client server

2) Now remove server from active directory using ADSI edit.

adsiedit -->connect-->configuration-->services-->MS Exchange -->infobeans-->Microsoft Exchange -->infobeans -->Administrator group-->exchange Administrative group-->servers

3) Delete your failed email server from here.

4) Restart your Active Directory Server.

5) Install a new exchange server and this time it should work fine.

You can find many more links online and you will have to select that as per you need. This is just one solution that may or may not work for you.

Please apply it on your own risk I am not responsible for this.



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How to mount Windows VHD, ISO, CUE, BIN, NRG, CCD, MDS and MDF Image free

Few Days back I was in need of a tool that can mount my VHD file to my computer and to get data from my damaged Virtual hard disk. I searched for that and found only paid solution for this that were also not good enough for me.

In this continuous search I found Gizmo Drive. This tool can easily mound Windows Virtual Hard disk other than all other popular images for data. Best thing with this tool is its completely free and no virus or spam is there in it.

You can easily download it from

For mounting your Virtual Hard disk you just have to mount it using general mount method using Gizmo central too.

I hope it was useful for you and it solved your problem

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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How To How Import Mail from outlook to Apple Mail free

How To How Import Mail from outlook to Apple Mail

I searched for this and found many answer but none of them were really useful for me so I tried to identify my own ways. I was able to get some paid tool but I was not willing to pay $49 for that tool so I skipped that method and decided to Use Thunderbird and as expected thunderbird solved my issue.

Before following this tutorial please understand I am in assumption you still have your windows computer intact and all of your mails are there in MS outlook or outlook express.

This procedure will be done in 2 parts half on windows and Half on MAC.

Here is procedure for importing mail from outlook to apple Mail.

1) Install thunderbird on your windows computer.

2) Now open thunderbird and click on tool and select import.

3) It will give you a wizard to import mail.

4) In this wizard it will ask what you want to import don’t get tempted because of import every thing just select Mail and click on next.

5) In next step it will ask from which Mail client you want to import mails.

6) Choose your Mail Client and click on Next.

7) When you will click on next it will start Importing Mails from outlook or outlook express.

8) Once it is done it will create a folder named Outlook.Import.

9) Right click on this folder and go to its properties.

10) It will open a window in which you can get location for this Outlook.import folder.

11) Open this Outlook.import folder and copy all data of this folder in a Flash drive or any preferred Movable media.

12) Now you are done at Windows Machine.

13) Connect your Flash drive in MAC machine.

14) Open Mail in MAC.

15) Go to file in MAC and click on Import Mailboxes.

16) It will give a wizard from where you need to import Mails.

17) Select Thunderbird and Click on continue.

18) It will ask for profile location of thunderbird.

19) Guide it to profile path that you copied in your flash drive and select choose.

20) In next screen it will show you all the folders that were there in your outlook and imported in thunderbird in windows.

21) If you want to remove any folder you can remove that.

22) Now click on Continue and it will start importing mails from thunderbird profile.

23) Once its done it will take some time to get synched properly in MAC Mail so don’t get panic if you find your MAC mail is slow after doing that. It will be done in few minutes depending on size of your Mailbox.

24) Once its done properly you can drag and drop folders at your preferred location from import folder

I hope it was useful for you and solved your problem

Thanks for visiting my blog

AP Dubey

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Remove unwanted files from System32 folder

I was going nuts due to increasing file size in one of my server that I created in 2006 and I was not getting any clue what to do. I checked everything and found its windows folder that is consuming a lot of space, I searched everything and found no solution for that other than deleting memory dump but that wasn’t enough for me.

I started checking size of each individual folder and came at result that a folder names “Logfiles” in windows\system32 folder was consuming space over 7GB. I searched for same on Google and found that I can delete its files that I don’t need any more.

Simply next step was to remove these Logfiles from c:\windows\system32\logfiles folder and I got enough space once again for my regular work.

To gain disk space in c drive you can try following 3 things.

1) Delete Temp file:à I will not explain you how to do that make a Google search for that.

2) Run Disk cleanup:à Same answer for this too, you need to do Google for how to do that if you don’t already know.

3) Remove dump files: àIf your windows machine got crashed or gave blue screen due to any reason it will create a dump file equivalent to size of RAM in windows folder for removing this file on run type %SystemRoot% or C:\windows and remove Memory.dmp file.

4) Remove Log files from system32:àGo to c:\Windows\System32\LogFiles and remove all the old log files that you don’t want to use any more. I would suggest you to go inside each folder and delete all old file but do not remove recently created files.

Other than this I would recommend to remove all unwanted program, remove files that you don’t really need on C drive and to search and remove any kind of dump file to reclaim maximum disk space in root drive.

Please remember I will have no responsibility for any damage if occurred… Just trying to keep myself on safer side :)

I hope it was useful for you and solved your purpose

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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Benefit of cloud computing for Small and Medium Business

Since few days I was willing to writing about cloud computing benefits for small and medium business but was not getting enough time for that or we can say I was afraid for writing same because of my limited amount of knowledge than also I forced myself to write and now I am starting.

In cloud computing one can have different prospective and different aspects but for enterprise the area that is going to cover maximum area is servers. Cloud computing not only can decrease the cost but can assure for data backup and maximum uptime guarantee of server with an SLA that is near to 100%.

For proving my point let me put an example of an email server. In present scenario using simple POP3 and SMTP mail in an enterprise is not enough and business must need to have an email solution that can give calendar sharing, calendars, resources sharing mechanism, automatically updated global address list for every new user and lot more.

One can have these solutions using MS Exchange or Zimbra or any similar other available tool. For these tools enterprise need to make a server at their premises and then they need to use this server as their primary mail server. If you see only this part of the above solution than this look very simple and cost effective but things that need to be taken care after creating this server can be as mentioned

1) Sever need to be up and running all the time.

2) Get UPS backup for same for a longer time.

3) Someone must need to take backup of server as its critical server and data is highly important

4) If server fails due to any hardware/software/power issue that you must need to have a redundant server.

5) This redundant server must need to be there in another part of globe because if any internet disturbance in your nation or zone and if your both server are in same zone than your mail server is practically down as no one from other side can send or receive mail to you.

6) These servers must need to secure with lot of work and manpower so that is going to be an extra cost.

7) You need to purchase the hardware and software so that will also make a cost to you.

8) You must need to upgrade hardware software and power backup solution in every 3 years. As per Intel you should not use hardware for more than three years.

If we take an example for creating an Exchange server in India for an organization of 100 to 250 people than minimum cost with no redundant server will be at least 10Lac INR per year at the same time if that organization goes for Microsoft Exchange online than for per mailbox it will cost 60$ so for 200 user it will cost 5.5Lac INR only. If you go for Google Apps or hosted zimbra than it could have gone more lower.

In cloud based mail server you don’t have to worry about any outage or data backup or security threat for your server or power failure or many other points that you can have in a server created or owned by an organization.

In cloud based server they will have backup, redundant server and everything else that one organization need. It will be cost effective and much more reliable too.

I cannot give same statement for bigger organization that has office around the world and big number of people because they must need to have their own data centers and they can manage and maintain it with no extra cost. But again that will be similar to cloud computing.

One can write n number of pages on benefit of cloud computing but from my side for today this is enough

Hope it was interesting and useful for you



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