Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component install failed:

I am posting this new post after a long time but had nothing to exciting to post here mean while. I was buried in solving this problem on my network. My teams developer work on and now they are moving toward vs.net2008 and my one job is to install these new version on their computer but in many computer I found problem when it reach to installing “Microsoft visual studio web authoring component” I searched for its solution but got nothing working. Few said if you have VS 2008 beta installed uninstall that but I didn’t have beta on my computer, few said uninstall office 2007 and then install it will work but it worked on some computer without uninstalling office 2007, than on one forum I got the solution that uncompress this specific folder and run the setup than once this webauthoring component is installed run the vs2008 setup again and it won’t give any problem again.

Here is the process for solving this problem.

1) Open your dvd\wcu \WCU\WebDesignerCore.
2) Copy the WebDesignerCore.EXE file on your desktop.
3) Uncompress it using winrar. (You can download winrar from
4) In this uncompressed folder double click on setup.exe. it will install Microsoft visual studio web authoring component.
5)Once this setup is complete run the VS2008 setup again. Now it won’t give any problem.Now Enjoy the Visual studio 2008 without any problem

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Start application from Run panel

It’s always good to open a program in Windows XP by just pressing ctrl+r à program command and enter, but it’s not applicable for all the programs like yahoo messenger or Google talk pr any program that you use. If it’s not their by default but we can make a shortcut easily to create shortcut of those applications. Here is process for creating a shortcut to start application from run command.

1) Make a short cut of application that you want to use from run.

2) For making shortcut either use create new shortcut wizard of windows or go to the exe location of that particular program. Suppose you want to use yahoo messenger than go to C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger rite click on YahooMessenger.exe and click on send to desktop option.

3) It will create a shortcut of yahoomessager.exe on your desktop. Rename it to your desired name. I gave name AP yahoo.

4) Now copy this shortcut and paste it into c:\windows\system32

5) Press windows and then type APyahoo and enter. It will start your yahoo messenger.

6) You can make shortcut for any program that you want even for your particular file by this method

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Operating System Up gradation

By being a system and network admin some time I saw that some of the system got corrupted because of virus and I cannot help myself to do anything for that computer. I was wondering if I can get any solution and can save my time to avoid reinstallation of system and can save valuable time. I tried this way that might be a very well known method for many of you but it was a very new method for me and I tried that it worked and now I don’t go for reformat of my machine every time. Here is process what I have done. It’s just simple upgrade of operating system instead of formatting or reinstallation. Its very much similar to repair.

1) If your computer is infected by virus than first attach your infected hard disk to some other computer that have a good antivirus that can scan all latest threats and can delete them.

2) Scan your secondary hard disk clean its viruses.

3) Once you are sure its virus free now add infected (now cleaned) hard disk to its original machine.

4) Boot machine as normal.

5) Login on this machine from administrator group user.

6) Insert operating system CD in this it should be the same OS that you are running. If you are running Windows XP SP2 it should be windows XP sp2 or Windows XP sp3. If you are running Win2K3 it should be Win 2k3.

7) If your auto run is enabled it will give you a screen that will ask you to install windows on this system.

8) Click on install windows link ( first option)

9) In next screen it will ask you to upgrade or new installation Choose upgrade. Now drop it for next one hour.

10) Once it’s upgraded you might face problem of screen resolution just restart your machine once again and it will be corrected by default. You all the software and drivers are as it was before installation.


1) I always recommend taking backup of your important data before doing anything like this. In fact one should take back-up of all imp data before making any change.

2) Operating system CDs should be correct and correct version too.

3) Make sure to install Latest Antivirus with update before connecting it on network or internet.

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Hard disk cloning tool

Few months back I got a task of mirroring of hard disk from one hard disk to another hard disk due to some project requirement. I checked many tool but I did not found any good solution for me as I had to copy Linux Hard disk. I tried to use Norton Ghost but it didn’t worked for me I tried to use Ghost for Linux but I found it too difficult for use for a non professional user because I had to give this tool to those people who are only familiar with some basic of hardware and software .

After a long search I found a good tool that can full fill my requirement and it was simple enough to use that anyone could use it. it was a simple few step process that any computer user can do who know how to make a secondary hard disk and how to boot from CD.

The tool is call PC Inspector clone Max. This tool is free full version. Its size is only few KB and can copy data of any size hard disk.

Using the new direct DMA support, from Hard disk to hard disk data can be copied speeds up to 3.3 GB per minute via high speed mode.

This high speed is achieved by PC INSPECTOR™ clone maxx through intelligent inspection of the PC motherboard and the hard drive controller. The software independently determines the fastest data transmission rate and achieves these exceptional speeds through optimal utilization of the DMA chipset on the motherboard of your PC.

CloneMAX can be started directly from a boot disk. The copying process of hard disk is indepented to file system that means you can copy any data from one hard disk to another hard disk. It copies data sector wise not by the file system. That means it doesn’t matter you are copying data of FAT,NTFS EXT or Reiser or how many partition you have in your hard disk.

The full version of PC INSPECTOR clone maxx can be obtained at no cost from the sponsor "CONVAR – Die Datenretter”

Process for cloning of hard disk:

1) Download ISO file from above location and make a CD of this ISO file that would be bootable CD. You can use any of your favorite CD burning tools for burning this ISO file in CD.

2) Attach the new hard disk in computer as secondary (say hard disk2) in which you want to copy data of old hard disk (say hard disk1).

3) Set you bios setting firs boot device CD/DVD rom.

4) On your computer and insert newly created CD in CD rom.

5) It should get booted from CD ROM and you will see a screen to select language. Press 6 for English Language.

6) Wait for Hard disk scan. After that you will get a screen that will show you hard disk.

7) Now select source drive that is old drive (say hard disk 1). Press the number of that hard disk drive. Here it is 1.

8) Now select the desination drive that is new drive in which you want to copy data of hard disk (say hard disk 2). Press the number of hard disk here it is 2. It won’t display hard disk 1 in this screen.

9) It will ask for confirmation if your source and destination hard disk are correct press Y if it’s ok for you.

10) It will give you an estimated time to complete the cloning of hard disk.

11) Once it’s done it will say press any key and remove CD remove hard disk and us as you want.


1) Destination hard disk should be greater than the source hard disk.

2) Before cloning make sure the hard disk order that you are trying is correct. If you are not sure about your hard disk number you might lose your data also.

3) If you are using this first time or have any doubt please use it on testing machine and then go for production machine.

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Windows XP SP3

Microsoft launched Windows service pack 3 before few days back. You can download this update from Microsoft website and you can install it on your computer for latest updates and some new feature also. As per Microsoft if you are installing for a single computer they recommend to have a update installation of service pack 3 that is of lower size in data but I recommend to download network installation pack and use it even if you reformat your machine you wont need to go to Microsoft website again for a new installation.

Here is a good FAQ for SP3 that I found. It covers almost all the basic required information of service pack three what it contains and other informations.

New Features in windows XP SP3

Network Access Protection compatibility. Announced years ago, this feature allows Windows XP machines to interact with the NAP feature in Windows Server 2008. This functionality is built into the RTM version of Windows Vista as well.

Product Key-less install option. As with Windows Vista, new XP with SP3 installs can proceed without entering a product key during Setup.Its applicable for those installation that will install with installation CD of windows xp with sp3. This would be similar to Windows XP . I did not get a chance to check it out so can not comment for this.

Kernel Mode Cryptographics Module. A new kernel module that "encapsulates several different cryptographic algorithms," according to Microsoft.

"Black hole" router detection algorithm. XP gains the ability to ignore network routers that incorrectly drop certain kinds of network packets. This, too, is a feature of Windows Vista.

You can get more details of these features on Google or Microsoft.

Precaution for installing Windows Service pack 3.

1) Take Backup: If you will apply this service pack without taking any backup than also it wont affect anything in your computer but most secured way is to take backup of your important system data like outlook dbx,pst file, your bookmarks and other settings like that. For taking backup you can use Norton ghost also that will create a complete backup of your XP with all installed software and settings so you can restore this latter. I Will post a detailed information about norton ghost very soon.

2) If you are using Vista theme of than make sure to uninstall your crystal XP theme and than reinstall it after installing windows XP sp3. If you will install XP SP3 without uninstalling crystal XP theme you will get an scattered resolution.

3) Previous System Restore Point would get deleted: If you have any previous system restore point that you want to use than do no install service pack three. If you will install service pack three all previous System restore point would get deleted.

I have given all the information from sources and my personal experience please use your brain before applying any thing .

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