Read write in NTFS drive folder from Mac.

Read write in NTFS drive folder from Mac.

Yesterday one of my team members who work in Mac asked me my hard drive to copy some data from his Mac Machine to windows machine. I gave him my portable hard drive and just after few minute of that he came back to me complaining that something is wrong in drive it’s not allowing me to copy any data from Mac Machine.

At that time I remembered Mac do not allow to write in NTFS partition without any third party tool. Because I have done it earlier also so it was not impossible for me to install ntfs driver but I did that long back that too using some command tool

I searched again Google in hope I find something good and in fact I found something good for this.

I found NTFS-3G tool. Its double click installation tool and it work great for writing NTFS files in Mac. You can get this tool from here.

Please go through complete document before installation from above given site.

I hope it was useful for you and it helped you.

Thanks for being her

AP Dubey

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install Windows 7 without formating Windows XP

How to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 without clean installation

In my office I offered team members for installing Windows 7 on their XP computer and they were more than happy to get it done but only thing they were worried about data and settings. I said no issue we will get it done using file transfer wizard then they said not only settings they need to have lot of software as well and they need to install it again.

As per Microsoft if you have windows XP installed on your computer and if you want to install Windows 7 on your computer you need to make a clean install of Windows 7. I was not happy with this as I do have windows vista and it’s very easy to upgrade from XP to windows vista. Once Windows Vista is installed you do not need to make a clean install for installing Windows 7.

Here is process for same in short.
1) Take your backup of all the settings and data using easy migration just for backup purpose
2) You can see here how we can do that.
3) Now install Windows Vista. I had it so I didn’t bothered for that, if you have a genuine copy of window 7 you can download a 30 day trial version of windows vista from here
4) After installing windows vista install windows vista sp1 without that it won’t allow you to install windows 7.
5) Once Windows vista sp1 is installed you can go ahead and install windows 7 on this computer.

Things to remember

1) At the time of installation of vista it can give you some message like few of the programs are not supported but it will not affect your installation, do not worry with them you just keep continue, after installing service pack and update of those software that would work fine with windows 7 as well.
2) You should have all the required space in your booting drive while installing windows vista and windows 7 at least 16 GB otherwise it would not install.
3) Make sure you have backup of everything important from your XP machine. It worked great for me but if you feel any problem I would not be responsible for that.

Biggest Drawback of this process is that it takes hell lot of time for both up gradation at least 4 time of normal installation each. Good thing is that it saves all program and setting untouched including your installed program.

Hope it was useful for you and it helped you

If you find any issue in this you can discuss it no my forum here

Thanks for being here
AP Dubey

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McAfee Agent Deployment problem in Windows XP using EPO

McAfee Agent Deployment problem in Windows XP

Before few days I was working for configuration and deployment of McAfee antivirus using EPO. It worked fine in few of XP Machine, Worked great for Windows Vista and Windows 7 but in few windows XP machine it created problem. Everything was fine but EPO was not able to deploy agent in few computers. It gave me error of authentication problem. One thing that I noticed was I was getting this issue in only those computers that were not in domain but were member of workgroup.

I did Google but found no proper solution for this. I tested all those XP machine where it worked and after a long and hectic comparison I found that windows guest user authentication is on, on all those computer where it was not installing at the same time where it worked like charm I found classic user authentication was there.

For deploying McAfee Agent in Windows XP you must need to do following thing.
1) Disable firewall of client computer.
2) Remove any antivirus if it’s previously installed, even if you have McAfee remove it and restart your computer.
3) After restart please go to control panel àadministrative toolàlocal security policyàsecurity settingsàlocal policyàsecurity option.
4) In Security option please find “Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts” policy.
5) By Default this policy remain “Guest only: on stand-alone computers” so we need to change this policy as “Classic: local users authenticate themselves”.

Now please try to install/deploy McAfee agent and I hope it will work with no issue.

If you have any question concern you can discuss here.

Hope it was help full for you

Thanks for being here

AP Dueby

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How to allow email from website using SMTP protocol in McAfee

One of my team member complained to me that they are not able to receive email from there website, this website is issue manager that send automatic email using SMTP protocol if there is any issue booked in this website. After getting idea since when they are facing this issue I found only one chance during this time. It was McAfee installation. After few searching I found every automatic mail that gets generated from website work under similar protocol and McAfee treat it as Mass mailing worm.

To solve this issue here is simplest process, you need to disable mass mailing worm prevention from access protection properties.

Please follow step by step process for this.
1) Please go to virus scan console of McAfee Virus scan.
2) You will find a screen something like this.

3) Double click on access protection and it will open a window as bellow.
4) In access protection Rules please select Antivirus standard protection and in another side please remove check marks from row of “Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail”.
5) Click on Apply and click on OK.

As this rule is only for outgoing mails so you won’t have any issue in your computer security setting and this change we need to for server not on client machine.

If you think this is a bad idea to disable complete prevention for mass mailing worm then you can go ahead add process in prevent mass mailing worms block.

Click on edit and add the name of process that is getting blocked by McAfee. It will allow only that particular process to send email not any other process.

I hope it was help full, solved your problem.

Thanks for being here.

AP Dubey

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Not able to Access network computer in windows 7

Yesterday one of my colleagues complaint me that he is not able to access data on shared computer. He is not able to connect to server even if he gave correct permission. He checked firewall, he checked antivirus and everything that he could have do.

Biggest issue was this that he was able to connect with few of the computer but on few computers it was not accepting password

After that it was a big issue for me as well because I believe on his technical skills and I thought process. I looked at his computer and after a short discovery we found reason of the problem. We found his windows 7 clock was not on time. It was 5 days back then present date.

We resettled time as present date and time, and then we checked it and it work like charm.

For solving this issue just change the time as present date and time.

If you have any issue you can discuss here

Thanks for being here

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