Exchange server 2007 online backup in windows server 2008

Exchange server 2007 online backup in windows server 2008

Use windows server 2003 ntbackup utitlity for taking online backup of exchange server 2007 in windows server 2008

I installed MS Exchange server 2007 on a windows server 2008 environment and combination of both worked pretty good. But as a non written rule every good thing holds a bad thing in it. So what this combination of Windows server 2008 and Exchange server 2007 does.

In Windows server 2008 it’s not possible to take online backup of Exchange server 2007 because windows server 2008 doesn’t support online backup of exchange server 2007.

I was felling lot of pain because of this online backup unavailability because it generates lot of logs that make my server’s hard disk full and it stops my exchange server to work. For Deleting log my friend created a utility that could delete all the logs easily on daily basis. You can get more detail for this utility from here or you can it discuss about it here.

We created that utility but I was not happy with that so I looked for some other solution and I found it.

I saw that in windows vista we do not have the hyper terminal but we can use that by copying the necessary file from XP. I tried the same thing for windows server 2008 also and looked for Windows NT backup files and that worked. For more about hyperterminal in vista visit my previous post here

Exchange server 2007 work on windows server 2003 so Windows NT backup can take the online backup of exchange server 2007. When you run windows NTbackup.exe in windows server 2008 it render all the information of exchange server 2007 and it can take online backup of exchange server 2007 in windows server 2008. Its backup is as simple as you used to do in windows server 2003.

Only thing that we need to take as precaution is that for a 64 bit OS we should use a 64 bit server 2003 file and for a 32 bit OS we should use 32 bit server 2003 files.

If you have any problem in using ntbackup utility in windows server 2008 you can discus that on my website forum here.

For making your life easy I extracted the files of NT backup and uploaded it. you can download it from here with your respected version.

For 64Bit version of windows server download from here

For 32 bit version of windows server download it from here

Password for both the zip file is

I hope it was useful for you and you liked it.

Thanks for being here

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Download HCL Laptop and Desktop drivers

Yesterday someone asked me to reformat his laptop.

I said ok I will do just give the driver CD of the Laptop but the reply that I got was not good for me. He said he doesn’t have the driver CD and worst thing was that I didn’t have the option to say no.

I thought it’s OK I will get the drivers from HCL website and will install it but when I searched for the driver on HCL InfoSystems website, I found it’s of no use, there were nothing like download driver on their website. After this I had no option other then Google

After some times goggling I found a link that solved my purpose partly. This link was from HCL InfoSystems but not on any domain. It’s an IP that contains all the drivers.

So for any kind of HCL Laptop and desktop driver you need to visit this url.

After visiting this url select your device laptop or desktop then wait for some time, it wi fetch all the available desktop or laptop drivers. Once you are done with your model number click on go and in few second it will take you to your desired driver page.

Now you can download the driver but some time you may find that download is too slow weather you have a 8mbps connection. So if it’s taking too much time to download that particular driver you have an alternate option. Get the driver name and version number from HCL driver page and download it separately using Google. I did so for sound driver of above laptop.
I hope it was use full for you

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Delete Exchange server log automatically on windows server 2008

Delete Exchange server log automatically on windows server 2008

I have MS Exchange server 2007 on windows server 2008

It works great but every positive thing hold a negative in it so exchange server 2007 over windows server 2008 is there. I was not able to take online backup of Exchange server 2007 on windows server 2008 because NT Backup utility is not available there in windows server 2008.

My problem was that I was not able to take backup of exchange edb file and because of that logs were filling the hard disk and due to logs when Hard disk goes full MY MS Exchange server 2007 stop working. So I had to delete the logs manually and sometime restart of server and that only Exchange server works properly.

So for get rid of this problem I discussed with one of my friend Shahnawaz Khan and he created a tiny utility.

* This utility copy all the logs file with extension .log at some other location and delete log file from original location.

* After copying the files it will delete original log files.

* After 30 Days copied file will get deleted from copied location too.

* This utility will delete files that are older than 7 Days.

You can download this tool from here.

You can use this utility not only for exchange server log deletion but you can use it for any kind of log deletion.

Ok let me explain you how to use this utility.

1) Download this utility from here.

2) Extract it with password

3) Open logpurger.exe.config file with a notepad.

4) Now you will get some code as in following image.

5) You need to give your source directory in value of source Marked as red.

6) Then give destination directory in value of destination Marked as red.

7) Make sure you give fully qualified name as its given in image.

8) Now you just need to run the logpurger.exe file and you are done.

It will take all the backup of log files and will delete old log files

If you want to make it on daily basis you can schedule it in a schedule task. For more information about scheduled task you can visit my previous post here.


1) I am not responsible for any kind of damage of your computer with this tool.

2) You should scan it by your trusted antivirus before use

3) If you are using it on a live environment I would recommend you use test it on a testing machine before real machine.

4) If any data is loss in this procedure I will have no responsibility for that.

5) This tool comes with no warranty and guarantee so use if you us this utility no one has any responsibility.

You can discuss for this on my sites forum also if you face any problem in this.

You can discuss for this here

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Easily Know Battery Remaining Time

Know Battery Remaining Time

From my freinds and my clients I do get a request that they can not get information of the battery time remaning. They ask me some software or tool that can help them to get the remaning time detail of the laptop battery.

I was looking for some free software for the same over internet and I found battery bar. It’s a nice tool that gives the remaning time information for the laptop battery. It works fine with With XP and Windows Vista both.
Here is screen shot for my laptop’s screen. This tool says its batterys total life time is 1.14 minute that is what my laptops battery life time is. My laptop is 2 years old and when it was new its battery life time was for almost 2 hour.

For using this tool you just need to install the BatteryBar and right click on task bar then go to toolbars and select battery bar. It will add a battery bar icon in task bar. It will take atleast 2 hour to calculate your battery life time so don’t loose your patence if it take some more time.

You can download the tool from here.

You can do a discussion for this in my tech forum here

hope it was usefull for you and you enjoyed it.

Thanks for being here

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"You must install networking before you change this computers domain membership"

Browser services are stopped, start it and it will be done

Yesterday my assistant was trying to add a new computer in domain and he found the above error. He came to me and asked what I should do now, I asked him to do a Google for this but his reply was not acceptable because he said he got nothing positive.

I did another search and found a lot of results but only few were acceptable for me because I only look for the best option that is simplest one and to the point. I don’t like to do lot of work and lot of changes for any simple task.

Ok let’s talk about the solution. Here is the solution for that.

This problem occurred because browser services are not on so turn on the browser services and it will work. For turning on browser services you need to follow the bellow step.

1. Windows+r=run panel

2. Type services.msc on run panel text box and press enter.

3. It will open services management option.

4. Here find the browser services and start it.

That’s it you are done and now you can add this computer to your domain.

Thanks for being here

I hope this helped you

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Paste your photo on celibrity T shirt

How to paste my photo on celibrity T shirt

After looking all the above images you must be thinking that how did I did it.

Answer is simple they are made behind me.. Ha ha ha …

In fact it’s a joke they can’t be made for me but you can be when I will tell you how did I did it.

Actually any one can do this by simple photo upload and selecting what background or other peripheral you want with your photo. Now I will not take your more time and will igve you the Site URL

you just upload your photo over this site choose where you want your photo and that’s all you need to do…

This site will create a jpg image with the back ground or location that you selected.

You can choose hundreds of option for selecting your picture location.

Hope it was useful for you and you enjoyed it.
Thanks for being here

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your disk is full or the cache directory is missing or corrupted some bitmaps may not appear
I was not able to write since a long time due to lot of different reasons but I am back in town now and free to write also.

Yesterday I got a mail with a following screenshot

Every time user connect to a remote desktop server it gives an alert with message that your disk is full or the cache directory is missing or corrupted some bitmaps may not appear.
The user told me that his computer root drive is having lot of GB space free and he done nothing with any kind of setting so I he is not sure why this problem is appearing.

Ok their simple answers are either disabling the caching in RDP client or clean the RDP cache directory.

Here is suggestion for both the option
For disabling cache
1) Open Remote Desktop Client
2) Click on Option then click on experience tab
3) Deselect the bitmap caching and click on connect.

This time it will connect without any problem.

If you do not want to disable bitmap caching then good idea is to clean the older cache

For this you need to go in the folder manually and delete the data.

For XP
c:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft \Terminal Server Client\Cache

For Vista
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache

Just after deleting the cache directory data you will be able to connect to remote desktop machine without any problem

Hope it was usefull for you.
Thanks for being here

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