How to deal with annoying customer care

Do you feel frustrated and annoyed after talking to any customer support? If your answer is yes, then you are not the only one with such feelings because most of the customer supports do lousy work and they just waste your time and they do everything in their power to annoy you. But there are some simple tricks that can help you get better customer support and that too without wasting your time.  In case, you are wondering that those tricks are, stay tuned and you will find the answer.

Don’t call them: If you want a quick and irritation free support form customer care, then it is a good idea that you do not call them. I am giving this suggestion because most of the customer care executives are quite dumb. Many companies actually outsource their customer support work and sometime your call could land to other continent because of this outsourcing. So, you can understand how much they will care for you or your problems. These customer care officers only care for their performance and many times they give you solution to you without understanding your problem.  So, if you don’t want an annoying customer support, it will be a good idea you don’t call them.

Try the chat: Instead of calling to a customer care you should try to have a chat. These day’s almost all these companies offer you a chance to connect with customer support by chat. This option is similar to call only and the other person could be at any place, but it is still better because you can do your other work while sharing your problem. Also, in this method you share your problem in writing that makes sure other person understand it in much better way. As far as response time is concerned, you get a solution in almost same time and sometime quicker as well. Also, the customer support on chat is bit more intelligent than their counterparts on call centres. So, this is certain that you will have much better and quicker support by this method.

Send an email: If your problem does not need immediate solution or if you can wait for 24 to 48 hours for a response, then sending an email is the best option. There are plenty of benefits that you get by sending an email to them. The first benefit is that, you just spend time for writing an email and you can share your preferred time for response. They will respond to you on your given time. Also, not all the people get access for mail and it remain in the hand of only few people that have understanding and authority as well to solve your problems.  They can redirect the problem to right people and you can have quick solution without any irritation or time wastage.

Try twitter: Twitter is another good way of having good support from any customer care. In present time, almost all the companies have presence on twitter and if you just send a tweet to them in open, they will do everything to solve your problem. Twitter is a tool where you share your problem to one person but it reach to masses. That scare almost all the companies and that is why they don’t stop till they resolve your problem. So, if you want a better customer support, then contacting them via twitter is another good way to do it and this is certain you will get the best support from them.

I am sure, these methods can help you get better support from any customer care and you will not have any annoying experience as well. And if you don’t get good response from one method, then you can try another method as escalation and you will get support accordingly.

I hope it was helpful and informative for you. Please do share your opinion in the comment section below. And don’t forget to subscribe for future updates as well.

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How to do video calling on whatsapp

Whatsapp recently launched video calling feature for some people.  Although, not all the people are able to get this feature because it is still in beta stage and you can get this feature only if you are a beta tester for whatsapp. And if you are wondering how to become a beta tester and how to have video calling feature on your phone, then you can get easy answer in this video.

As I said, first you need to become a beta tester for whatsapp, that is quite simple and easy task. You just need to visit this link. ( You can find it in description as well and make sure you are logged in with your Play store id )
After visiting there you will get this screen that will have a button called become a tester. 

Click on that button and you will get a message that will say you are now a tester.

Now wait for some time till you get alert for whatsapp update in your phone. Sometime you may need to wait for an hour or so to get this update or you can refresh playstore to check whatsapp update alert in 30 minute. Once you get this alert, just install the update and now you are good to go for the video call. 

To make a video call, you just need to select the contact whom you want to call, then click on the call button and now you can choose video or voice call.

I hope it was informative and helpful for you, and you liked this information. Please share your opinion about this in comment section below.

See this tutorial in video here

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Install all software in one click

Easy install of software

I write on blog to make people’s technical life easy and for that I come up with many solution and suggestion too, people asked me many times how they can install all the software on a newly formatted machine with minimum effort and minimum technical knowledge and I always suggest the
m only one solution that is ninite.
Ninite is a solution by which you can not only install all the application that you want on your computer but you can be sure that it will be free from viruses and it will never install any toolbar with any product that I lover personally. I hate to have toolbars on my computer installed with applications.

For installing application on your newly build cpu you just need to select your application, get installer and run it once and ninite will do the rest, it will download latest software version from net and it will install it on your computer in silent mode, it won’t even bother you once after the initial steps and it will give you all the software in your computer that you selected for installation.

This tool has almost ever software that you might need be it a web browser o
r chatting solution or media players or any run-time too or compression software and even the antivirus solutions.
To get this tool go to select preferred software and click on get installer from end of the page. If you think its missing something you can suggest them to add it

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