This virtual machine is already in use

This virtual machine is already in use

Some times when you start you vmware virtual machine you get error that this virtual machine is already in use and you get amazed, because you are not using this machine. You did not turned on the machine and even you are getting this message.

So what’s the matter?

Generally this error occurs when you copy your virtual machine from one place to other place. For get rid of this message you just need to delete few files from your virtual machine folder and you are done with that.

Open your virtual machine folder where all files of your VMware virtual machine are there. You will get a folder like osname.vmx.lck. open this folder and delete all the .lck files of this folder. Now turn on the machine and you will not have any issue now to turn it on.

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USB internet Data card modem on Linux

USB internet Data card modem on Linux

Here is procedure for connecting USB interent Data card on Linux box.

I have tested it on Reliance,Tata and BSNL card on linux.

1)Connect USB Data card on USB port of computer

2) Open a terminal window.

3) Log in as root, i.e. type “su -” sans the quotes and enter the root password.

4) "wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf" It will create a wvdial.conf file in etc directory (Please remove quote ).

5) Then use to edit the file “/etc/wvdial.conf”.(you can use any editor I would recommend gedit. Command would be “gedit /etc/wvdial.conf”).

6) Enter/edit the following text into this file.





Dial Command = ATDT



FlowControl= Hardware (CRTSCTS)

[Dialer Reliance]

Username= username

Password= password

Phone= #777

Stupid Mode= 1

Inherits = Modem0

7)Disable network connection of your computer

8) Final step is giving the command “wvdial Reliance”, and if everything is proper you should be able to connect to the internet.

For Tata: username and password is “internet” without quote

For Relianace : username and password is phone number of the device

For BSNL modem: its username and password is “cdma”

I used only three USB modem till this time but I hope it will work for all the USB modem.

Please let me know if you get any problem in your connection.

Do comment if you like it.

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