Outlook not accepting exchange password

Solution: Remove stored windows username password and it will work fine
I apologise for not writing regularly on this blog since many days as I was running out of time due to other work and maybe I was not involved in solving issues or problems as well.

Today one of my HR member complaint that she is not able to connect to Microsoft Exchange server using Ms Outlook. Outlook was asking for password each time and my other team member from network team also tested and there were not able to find any solution for this problem.

As always I did Google but no lucky answer from Google. They said some big thing that I tried and ended up with no good Result.

For this Id I was able to create and configure exchange account on other computer or other user profile on same computer but I was not able to connect with Exchange using outlook on same profile. I looked at all point and then I ended up with removing all stored username and password for that and it worked fine.

Here is procedure for removing stored username and password in Windows client computer.

  1. For Windows vista or Windows 7 please go to Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\Credential Manager।

  2. For windows XP please visit this link, Microsoft explain it very easily. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306992 or http://windowsxp.mvps.org/StoredPasswords.htm

If you find any problem do let me know about it.

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Scheduled Undersea cable Maintenance between 23rd-27th May 2010

Today I received an SMS from Airtel about scheduled maintenance on undersea cable between 23rd and 27th may. They said they are taking necessary action for keeping Internet speed high but I am sure everyone will face slow browsing and late ping reply।

You may or may not find this problem in your internet connection depending on your ISP load

I received this SMS from Airtel but as these undersea cables are shared for the entire ISP so I feel all other provider will face same issue।

So if you face any slow browsing during that time no need for panic don’t just keep pressing F5 button thinking your page is not loading or you are getting a slow download। It will be normal during that time.

So if you face any issue like this in your internet connection during 23rd to 27th may in India call to your ISP first before doing anything else.


AP Dubey

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