Install IIS in windows XP without Having Windows XP CD

Yesterday night I found myself in a big problem, I had to install IIS on a remote XP machine and I had no windows XP CD or image there. I have this image in my network but I couldn’t take the remote machine on my VPN as we both the network had same local default gateway.
I searched for the same over internet and found something that I was not very much happy so I decided to go for my own way and I extracted all the required dll, ocx, exe and other files from Windows XP CD and uploaded them on Rapidshare now any one can use this file to install IIS without having CD.
I will explain both the method and you choose which one you want to go.
Simplest method
Download the Windows XP IIS required file from rapid share link extract it and give the path of this extracted folder when it ask for dll files while installing IIS in XP without having a CD.

rapidshare. com/files/213300927/
(please add http and  remove space in it due to some problems I cant make a complete link here.)

Second method
1) Download the windows XP SP 2 patch from softwarepatch. com/windows/xpsp2.html (please add http and  remove space in it due to some problems I cant make a complete link here.)  .
2) Extract the downloaded exe file using the bellow command in command prompt.
C:\Downloads\Software>WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe /extract d:\xpsp2
Here c:\downloads\software is the folder where this WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe file is stored and d:\xpsp2 is location where all the files from this file will get extracted.
3) When extraction is done install IIS and give the path of i386 folder in d:\xpsp2\i386 folder it will take all the necessary files from this location.

Precaution: The above method will work only for windows XP 32 bit version. For 64 bit version you need to download separate sp2 file.

If you feel not safe for installing files from my zipped file you can download those 118 file from
I hope it was useful and helped you to solve your problem.
Thanks for being here

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Identify and trace the originating IP of fake mail

How to identify the fake mails

Today one of my friends received an email from with message that he has to go to Mumbai Microsoft office for appearing in interview. He was not sure for the mail that he received came really from Microsoft or it was a fake mail from any one. He called me and asked me if I can help him to identify if it was a real or fake email. I traced the email and found it was generated from Indore (my town) and I know very well that we do not have any office in Indore so I had no other option that

I did that earlier also so it was not a big deal for me to trace the emails originating place and to conclude it’s real or fake but I thought I should explain this to my readers so I am here with my new post.

There are many ways that you can use to trace the email id but I am going to show the simplest way that needs only internet connection nothing else.

We will trace the email in three easy steps.

1) Extract the header of the mail.

2) Trace the complete email route using a tracer

3) Conclude you result.

First thing that we need to do is we have to find the header of the email. There are different ways to get the header from each mail provider. From here you can understand how to get the email header from popular mail provider or email client.

In few providers you may get lot of details but email header start from the Return-Path: and ends at Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit if it ends at Content-Language: language name no issue in that also.

Copy all the data between these two lines and paste that in the text box in this link.

Now click on Get Source.

In next 10 second it will give you a complete route of the mail. It’s originating location, originating time and all the required details that you might need in a table.

Just after the table you will see host name and source IP address from where mail originated.

And after this line you will find geo-location information of the IP address.

By all the information that you get after email tracing you can easily understand this is a fake email or real because in host name it would be Microsoft if it came from Microsoft and similarly it goes for others mail box also.

I hope it was useful and you can trace and identify any fake mail in future.

Above information is just to give you an idea of the same and I hope you would not use it in any of the illegal task if you do so it would be sole responsibility of yours

In next post I will show how to send fake emails without having any programming knowledge.

Thanks for being here


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How to choose a best, strongest and non breakable password

Someone in my office shared above link with me and I thought I should write a post for how to create a good, strong and non breakable password.

I can guarantee you that no one will be able to break your password on any of the reputed mail service like yahoo, hotmail, Gmail or any mail service that has a good quality product. I have only 7 character long password for many of the mail boxes without number but its unbreakable till this date with a open challenge with all of my hacker and cracker friends.

1) It should not be your name or your kid’s name.
2) If should not be your date of birth or marriage anniversary or your phone number.
3) It should be not the word that you always use like marvelous or awesome or lovely or whatever that you use

what precaution you should take care for securing your password

1) you should never ever take the name or that word on your lips when you are talking about password or anything related to that.
2) You should not share your personal information given on registration page to anyone.
3) You should always do a tweak with basic things that people might know about you.
For example in secret question your pet names answer you gave kitty but you I would recommend never to give the correct name. I choose my one very old friends name you can choose whatever you want but you should not disclose that to anyone.

4) For pin code don’t give it exactly what you have unless it’s not a legal thing or its not required to get something from net to your home.

Generally this information is hidden and it use for recover your forgotten password.

5) You should not use the same password for your 100 account. I saw this for many people that I can login on there all the known account with a same password. Do a slight change in your password that you can remember but no one can guess

6) You should have a different password for login on forum it’s very very very important because your username and password goes to forum owner in open string many time and it’s like you are giving your password to forum owner in a silver plate

7) if you want to make your password strongest then add one or 2 numeric value in that.

Hope it was useful for you and you will never create a week password


AP Dubey

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select the program to open document when you open drive

Since a long time I was not able to write on my blog just because of very hectic and busy schedule but now trying to write again in a flow.

Today morning when I came to my office one girl in my office came to me and started shouting that “AP what kind of antivirus you installed on my machine, I am not able to access any of the drive in my computer. It is asking me to open the document with program when I am opening any drive” I knew it was a problem of an auto generated inf file that is autorun.inf. This file was created before I installed antivirus on her machine. I requested her to calm down and let me do the job.

I logged on her machine deleted autorun.inf file from every drive and that was done.

Ok now what is the process to get rid of open the document with following application? Here is the process to get this working.

1)Login on the infected computer

2)Now open task manager you can open it using ctrl+alt+delete or ctrl+shift+esc key combinations.

Now go to process tab.

3)Find the explorer.exe write click on it and end the process tree.

4)It will close all the explorer windows of your computer.

5)Now click on file menu of task manager then click on New Task (run )

6)It will open a new window similar to run

7)Type CMD here and press enter.

8)It will open command prompt.

9)Now type following command to remove the autorun.inf file.

a. del c:\autorun.* /f /s /q /a

b. If you have drive c,d,e f then you have to run this command 4 time . Each time you would need to change the drive name

I hope it was useful for you and resolved your problem.



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