Block Unwanted site using host file with list of ads server host name

Block Unwanted sites using host file.

Host name list of Ads server

Some time it gets very frustrating and annoying to have unwanted ads. These unwanted ads not only consume precious bandwidth but also can take you in an awkward condition.

Imagine “you are in office and you open a nice music website suddenly one ad came out stating a flat stomach with a girl in bikini (adbrite ad can be like this)”. Of course you did nothing wrong in that but then also you faced the shameful condition.

Well I will not give you more pain but I will prefer to give a solution for this problem.

Some prefer to us Firefox extension ad-block plus but I dint like it. It’s tough and not that much effective.

Simplest thing that I always recommend is enter all ad server host name in your host file. For a normal computer user it’s impossible to identify ad server address from website, so I made a host file containing most of the ad server.

Let me tell you procedure for blocking ads in steps

1) Download hostname file created by me from here. (

2) Now open your host file

a) i)For windows 2000, Windows XP and server 2003 login as administrator user and press ctrl+r.

!!)On run panel type “notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” without quotes and press enter.

b) i) For Windows vista or Windows 7 click on start à all program -> accessories.

ii) Here you will find command prompt, right click on command prompt and click on run as administrator.

iii) It may ask for confirmation confirms it.

iv) When command prompt open type “notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” in command prompt and press enter.

3) Go to the end of the host file.

4) Open downloaded hostname.txt file, copy all the content of the file using ctrl+A and ctrl+c.

5) Go to back to hosts file and paste all the content here.

6) press ctrl+s or save file using file menu.

7) Close the file and browse ads free internet.

Warning and precaution

1) Make sure you go Thorley to entire hostname.txt file.

2) I will have no responsibility if any useful names get added in host file. You can remove those names

3) make sure you take back-up of your host file before making any changes.

4)If you find page not found error on any of your desired website in browser you need to check your host file if its name is there if yes remove that name from host file.

5) I tried to add as many name as possible but if I missed something let me know.

Hope it was useful for you and helped you

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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Open Suse 11.2 released

I am not a Linux geek neither a regular user of Linux but if you ask about my favourite Linux I always loved open Suse other than Fedora. Never loved Ubuntu or madriva or any other flavour of Linux as much as I liked Open Suse.

Open Suse 11.2 is just out in market and I started downloading of same hopefully I will get it by tomorrow morning and I will be able to use it by tomorrow evening. Generally I am a user who start using any OS from its beta stage only condition it should be available on net on free of charge but this time I was not able to do R&D on any beta OS other than Windows 7.

Well that is past and present is that Open Suse 11.2 is out and it seems a great Linux Distribution with all new great feature. I can give short details of new features but for more you have to visit

Few features of Open Suse in short

1) Linux Kernel latest version 2.6.31.

2) File System Ext4 supported, don’t worry old file system are supported too.

3) Covered more hardware so more driver available for desktop and notebooks.

4) KDE 4.3 and Gnome 2.8 with all new eye candies.

5) Firefox 3.5 and open office 3.1 for all office and browsing need.

6) Additional support for many social networking sites.

7) You can install it using DVD/CD or USB including network install.

I am not a Linux or Open Suse expert and you can learn more about same from here

If you just want to go to download page here is a direct download link page for opensuse 11.2.

You can download whatever option you want to have live Gnome CD/ Live KDE CD/ Network install or DVD media. You can select your download option may be a torrent or direct download link or other available option.

If you are willing to use direct download link make sure you use any download manger I recommend free download manger.

Hope this was useful

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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VMware 7.0 trials download direct Link

VMware 7.0 trials download direct Link

As I promised in my previous post I will soon share a link for VMware 7 direct download link here is direct download link for VMware 7.0

VMware 7 Direct Download link

I would recommend you to download it using FDM.

Above link is tested and support resuming facility. You don’t need to register for downloading from above link but for key you have to visit vmware site and you have to get the key from there.

If you want to download from VMware server only and having resuming problem in downloading VMware setup visit my previous post here , I tried to help for this problem in my previous post.

If you find above link broken please do let me know so I can make changes in that.

Hope it helped you and solved your problem.

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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Not able to get Resuming downloads from Vmware server

Not Resuming downloads from Vmware server

I was downloading Vmware fusion and Vmware work station trial for my computer at home and I found it got broken 3 times. Every time it stopped at more than 80%. I was downloading this using “Free Download Manager”, best download manager as per me for Windows and it work great but it was not able to resume any download from Vmware server.

I am confident enough that it was not an issue of “Free download manager” because I downloaded ubuntu 9.10 yesterday only and it downloaded completely even after stoping download many time.

I started vmware workstation download yesterday night as well on my maximum 1mbps connection

and it was downloading data from 110KB means almost 1mb, I thought it will download and I closed lid of my laptop and went for sleeping. When I woke up in morning I found it stopped at 78% and not resuming. With frustration I opened vmware website and found my session was timed out and I need to press on continue for keep the session active. I clicked on continue but it dint worked after that also.

Now I had only 2 option one I download from torrent or I do some tweak for make this download working and fortunately second option was easy and possible for me using some brain and help of FDM.

I went to VMware workstation download page copied link of the exe file now went to fdm, opened properties of workstation download clicked on mirror added copied link there saved and done.

I was able to resume my broken download by this way.

Let me explain it step by step.

  1. First you need to download and install FDM (free download manager). For more detail about FDM and download you should visit its website or visit my previous post about FDM here
  2. Start downloading vmware setup using FDM.
  3. If it get stop somewhere don’t panic go to vmware website and go to download trial page. Do the procedure for Download trial again and copy the generated download link in your clipboard or in notepad or wherever you want.
  4. Now open FDM and right click on your stopped VMware download and go to its properties.
  5. You will get a window called download properties click on second tab named Mirrors. Here click on button “Search for mirrors”. It shall find some mirror automatically if not don’t panic click on Add mirror.

  6. It will open a window where you can write URL, paste copied URL here and click on OK.
  7. Now click on OK again in download properties window and start the download again.

It should start download with no problem but you will have to do above tweak every time when it stop.

If you do not want to do this tweak every time than visit my another post,I posted a direct download link for VMware 7 for windows in my blog.

Direct Download link for VMware 7

Hope it helped you and solved your problem

Thanks for being here.

AP Dubey

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Not able to cancel disk check while booting. Keyboard not working

Change the mechanical keyboard with membrane keyboard it will work fine.

Few days back in one computer some issue came and it rebooted by itself, after rebooting it started disk check and it got hanged at a certain point. I thought to cancel the disk check at boot time but keyboard was not working. It was not accepting keyboard.

Next day morning I picked that system at my desk for finding problem and solution. I connected another keyboard and when I cancelled disk check at boot time it worked well. That time I didn’t cared about it but just 2 hour back one more system behaved that way only. I asked my colleague to change Ritcom Mechanical keyboard with a Logitech Membrane keyboard and it worked out of box.

If you get disk check message at boot time and if you do not want to go for that and you are not able to cancel it too than you need to change keyboard once.

If you want to disable disk check at boot time you can do that easily, see my previous post for that here.

Hope it helped you and solved you problem


AP Dubey

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