Yahoo Messenger 10 offline installer

Almost one year back I gave offline installer for yahoo messenger 9 and I received a very good response for that, now its 2 month that yahoo messenger 10 is released and I received a request for Yahoo messenger 10 offline installer.

I found links for yahoo messenger offline installer and I am sharing that with all of you.

Here is yahoo messenger 10 offline installer for US and for India.

Yahoo Messenger 10 offline installer for US

Yahoo Messenger 10 offline installer for US


If you find any problem in downloading them from Yahoo official website I can upload its zipped version on Rapidshare. Please let me know if you don’t find it online.

I hope it was helpful for you

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey


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Random Screen Flickering in Windows

Screen Flickering in Windows 7

Update display driver for your Windows 7 using Windows update and it will get fixed.

I installed windows 7 on my desktop few days back and it’s running smoothly but it has one problem as well. While working screen of my windows 7machine start flickering by it and when I click on any of the application it stop flickering.

I have few other Windows 7 Machines in my office and I never received this problem from any of Windows 7 User but yesterday one Windows 7 User came to me and complained me that his computer screen suddenly starts flickering and that it again stop in some time.

I said I do have same problem and give me couple of minute to find the solution. I searched on net but found no easy way to get rid of this problem. I assumed it as problem of Display driver so I thought to check update my windows 7 computer and when I checked I found in optional update it had 2 drivers on it, first was for my Samsung Sync Monitor and other one was display driver for my Intel DQ965 Mother board.

I installed these updates restarted my computer and after that I have not received annoying screen flickering problem again even for once.

I applied same changes for my other team member also who complained me for screen flickering and it worked well.

So if you have problem of Random Screen Flickering in Windows 7 you don’t need to worry about any thing. Go to windows update setting check for update go to optional component find display driver update for your display and install it.

After that you will not have this problem again.

I have tested it on different machines and it worked fine for me.

If you find any issue in this or if you find it not working please do let me know on my mail. I would love to assist you for solving this issue.

I hope it was informative and solved your problem

Thanks for being her

AP Dubey

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Difference between mb and MB in data download

Why I get 1/10th speed ISP commited

In my office we upgraded with a fast speed internet line and my colleague came to me with a question AP why do we get 1/10th speed comparative to our internet connection.

I received same question from many people on my mail and resolved those queries also. Today I found some time so I thought about explain this.

Generally all ISP (in India not sure about rest of the world) give speed in mb that is megabit not MegaByte. For calculating your internet speed in Byte or MegaByte you need to divide your ISP given speed by 8 and you will find speed in Byte or Mega Byte or we can say actual speed.

If you buy a 1Mbps internet line from any ISP and then you are assuming to get a file of 100MB data size in 100 second that you are wrong. You need to give it at least 800 second or more to download that file.

Let me explain calculation of bit and byte for easy understanding.

1Byte = 8bit

1mega bit = 1MegaByte/8

If we talk in direct way it’s as simple as dividing speed by 8. If you have 1mbps internet connection your maximum download speed could be 1024/8=128 KBps (Kilo Byte per second) that means if you are downloading a 100MB file on 1Mbps internet connection you need to give it at least 13.3 Minute.

Generally no one get full speed on one download even if its lease line so you should expect this time at least 16-17 Minute for downloading a 100MB file.

Remember Divide your internet speed by 8 to get actual download speed on your internet connection.

Other than this many time I received question “Why I don’t get speed committed by ISP?” and which one is best ISP?” I will write about it but in some other post.

I hope it was useful and informative for you.

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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ATI X 200 Drivers for Windows 7

Windows 7 graphics driver for Compaq Presario M2000

Windows 7 graphics driver for D101GC Mother board

If you installed windows 7 with ATI x 200 graphics and hunting for driver, stop searching but update your windows 7 from windows update and it will do rest.

I installed Windows 7 on my Compaq Presario M2000 Laptop, I loved this laptop always, it worked well with Windows Vista with all aero theme/effect without any driver so I was hoping it will work great with Windows 7 as well. I installed Windows 7 on this laptop but it result poor graphics, no sound and 1 or 2 other missing driver.

Sound driver was available on HP website but not the display one. I goggled for this and found a solution that I can download ATI X 200 driver cab file from Microsoft update website and I can use that but I didn’t like that idea.

Instead of that I connected my computer to internet, took all required update and that required update installed driver for my graphics and touchpad also.

If you have a computer with ATI X200 driver and you want to use windows 7 with its entire graphics feature you need to do following.

1) Enable automatic update on your Windows 7 computer.

2) Check for windows updates that are available for your computer.

3) Select all the required update including driver.

4) Install updated and restart your windows 7

5) Once restarted Aero effect may or may not come automatically.

6) If it worked automatically thats fine else right click on desktop go to personalize select any Aero theme and it will be done.

Above tweak worked on my Compaq Presario M2000 Laptop and Intel D101 GC mother board. Both have ATI x 200 Graphics display. I am confident it will work on all other board that has ATI X 200 Graphics.

Hope it helps and solve your problem.

Feel Free to drop me email if you find any issue.

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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