Outlook asks for password to connect to exchange server each time it start: Solution

If you are not using exchange server under your domain than it may be possible that exchange will ask for user name and password each time you connect with it and even select remember password.

It’s very simple and easy to manage for not to prompt for password for outlook and exchange connectivity

Go to control panel -->credential manager-->click on Add a windows credential.
It will take you to a new page where it will ask for Internet or network address user name and password. Give the settings as bellow

Internet or network address: email.apdubey.com (replace email.apdubey.com with your exchange server)
User name : your exchange mail id
Password : your exchange password.

Now open outlook and it won’t ask for a password to get connected with exchange server.

Please remember above settings are for windows 7 but if you have windows xp you can do same for that as well.

Follow this support article for same http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306992

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Microsoft Exchange system attendant service started and then stopped.

Microsoft Exchange system attendant service started and then stopped.

Microsoft Exchange system information service failed to start

I was trying to install Exchange server mailbox server role in my organization where I already had exchange server 2007 and exchange server 2010. I installed additional server roles in my test environment and I was able to do that successfully in test but as soon as I tried to do it in live environment it started failing. I was just shocked had my heart in my hands and then I started searching things for it.

I searched on internet and I found lot of useful links but none of them worked for me. I am posting few of them here because it might be useful for you in case my trick do not work for you.



http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/exchangesvrdeploy/thread/e01d3150-c24f-4a2e-9468-e690a7ce907c/ (very useful)


You can have any of above solution in your system to check if it’s working for you. Before trying these solutions make sure you check if your clock setting and time zone of your exchange server is correct and synch with your domain controller.

If time is not synch on your server and client machine than I would suggest you to do following

1) First synch time on your ADC server and client server

2) Now remove server from active directory using ADSI edit.

adsiedit -->connect-->configuration-->services-->MS Exchange -->infobeans-->Microsoft Exchange -->infobeans -->Administrator group-->exchange Administrative group-->servers

3) Delete your failed email server from here.

4) Restart your Active Directory Server.

5) Install a new exchange server and this time it should work fine.

You can find many more links online and you will have to select that as per you need. This is just one solution that may or may not work for you.

Please apply it on your own risk I am not responsible for this.



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