How to open MDI file

How to open MDI file

Today someone in my office got an attachment file as an MDI extension.

First He asked me should he download this MDI file when I said yes his next question was how to open MDI file as its showing unknown file type on the computer.I was aware what to for this so I just added scanning, OCR and indexing filter component in installed Ms Office and it worked.

Might be yoy are not aware what to do so just install these component and you are done.

Here is detailed tutorial how to do that. I am showing for MS office 2007 but there is almost similar procedure for MS office 2003.

1) First open add remove program. You can use shortcut command “Appwiz.cpl” from run panel. (For more shortcut command and keys please visit my previous post here and here).

2) Now select MS office and click on change do not click on uninstall.

3) It will open a screen as bellow in this select add or remove features or you can use alt+a to select this and then click on continue.

4) In next screen you will get bellow screen. Here find the office tools and when you will expans office tools you will get Microsoft Office document Imaging.
5) Expand this Microsoft Office document Imaging and you will get scanning, OCR and Indexing service filter. Right click on this and select run from my computer.

6) It will install the required component in few second.

Once it’s all installed you need not to do anything just double click on your MDI file and its done.

If you find any problem feel free to come back with comments.

Hope it was useful for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Not able to receive mail from a particular domain

Not able to receive mail from a particular domain

Add domain to White sender list domain

My boss told me there is a strange problem that we are not receiving mails from rediffmail on our corporate email Id. It gets bounce back to sender with a error message of spam mail at the same time same content mail from other mail provider like Gmail, yahoo mail or other mail provider was successfully receiving.

I checked the same for my mailbox and as usual I got the same “554 Sorry,this message appears to be spam (#5.6.0) (in reply to end of DATA command)” so I removed anti spam on my mailbox and then I tried to send a mail to my mailbox, Result was successful delivery of the mail. But neither I could nor I want do it for my all account else spam mail will kill my network.

So what was the other option?

I never faced this problem earlier so I called to my hosting provider and then they suggested me to add redifmail in white sender list domain in group spam setting. I did that and result was positive it worked.

Simple answer for this solution is that add the complete domain in safe sender domain or white sender domain list in your antispam group setting from your dashboard.

For jodoshared/jodohost you need to go to mail manager and edit group spam setting. Add domain in white sender list and click on save setting.

It might take some time to do this if you have long list of mail accounts.

If you are not sure how to do that simple call your hosting vendor support centre and ask them how to do it and I am sure you will get the solution.

If you need help from my side just comment any time and I will try to help you as soon as possible.

Hope it was useful and you liked it

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