How to remove IE 7 from windows XP SP3

How to remove IE 7 from windows XP SP3

Few days back someone in my officie said to me that they need the IE 6 back in there computer so I should install the IE 6 in their XP computer. I said to them just uninstall IE 7 from your computer and IE 6 will come automatically in windows XP machine. The other person said to me he already tried that but there is no remove button in IE7 in add remove windows program.

It was a new thing for me as I have not seen this issue earlier, so I went to his seat and saw the computer but found nothing unusual in computer. After few second I realized that all the uninstall of IE 7 that I did was before XP SP3 so I checked if SP 3 was installed on the computer and yes XP SP3 was installed.

Ok so now I just removed the XP SP3 and then I restarted the machine than removed IE 7 and this time I was able to remove it.

For removing XP SP3 you just need to go to your add remove program and remove the XP SP3.

Keep remember this will take hell lot of time to remove XP SP3 from computer so I would recommend you to do it in night and leave your computer on so it would not affect your working hour.

One more thing I must recommend to you that do a backup of the entire important file and do create a system restore point before uninstalling SP3. Backup and system restore point creation is not necessary but a good practice to do before any risky task.

Hope it was useful for you.

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Explorer has stopped working getting this message again and again.

Explorer has stopped working getting this message again and again in vista

Yesterday my one friend gave me her laptop to repair it. By mistake on her laptop something went wrong and she was not able to use her laptop because she was getting the error explorer has stopped working and its restarting. I checked the issue over Google and found Microsoft says you installed LAME codec but it didn’t have any solution. I tried to find the solution over internet but no useful answer so I decided to use my Ram ban technique and that worked.

To get reed of this problem I just did a system restore of the system prior to the date when it was working fine and it did work after that restore. For doing this restore you need to reboot your computer and need to login in safe mode. It will not work in genral mode. Here is the procedure for doing a system restore.

1) First restart your computer while its rebooting continuously keep pressing F7.
2) After few seconds you will get a black screen in which you will see different option. Choose the safe mode by your arrow key and press enter.
3) It will boot your computer in safe mode, in safe mode also you may have the problem of the explorer has stopped working but you can simply use your computer.
4) Now go to start->all program->accessories->system tools->system restore and click on system restore.
5) It will give you a screen as bellow.

6) Click on next and you will get screen as bellow. If there is not multiple date please select show the restore point older than 5 days and you will get all the restore point.

7) Select the date when your system was working fine and click on next it will start the restoration process of your computer and after few minute it will restart.
8) Once it’s restarted it should work fine.

Please drop a comment if you find any problem in this.

Hope it was useful for you

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Google voice and video chat plugin offline installation

Just few days back Google launched its Video chat plug-in for browsers by which you can simply do a voice and video chat inside the browser only. See the video

For enabling this video and voice chat feature inside the browser you need to install a plug-in for your browser that you can simply install from Google but its an online installation and files will get removed from your computer as soon as this component is installed on your windows computer.

My present post is for those who like offline installation and they want to “install Google video plug-in offline mode”. I have extracted the plug-in from temp directory and sharing it with you all for your use.

Previously I gave google chrome offline setup in my older post that you can see here now I am here with google video chat plugin offline installation setup.

You can download “Google video chat plug-in offline” from here or here size of this plug-in is just 1.5MB

You just need to download and install it and nothing else then the browser restart. Once you installed it, it will ask you for restarting of your browser, after restarting your browser you will be able to do voice and video chat in your browser only.

Hope you liked it

Thanks for being here

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Adbrite website not displaying correctly in vista

Adbrite website not displaying correctly in vista

Today I tried to make an account in but it was not displaying correctly in my browser so I searched for its reason and here is the solution for this.

When I tried to open I found it’s not correctly displaying in my IE7 then I tried to open it in Firefox, chrome, opera and safari but result was same. It was not getting displayed properly I had the same issue with few more website also. I did a cross check with my friend if it’s working on his computer and he said yes its working fine.

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After this I tried to Google it and I found it was due to kaspersky antivirus setting. The person who said its kaspersky fault he said if you want to use adbrite or similar website keep your kaspersky off. I was not happy with this answer because I never want to turn off my antivirus so I decided to do a tweak for kaspersky settings and after few minute I got the solution.

For displaying adbrite correctly in vista machine browsers you need to do following setting to make it working.

1) Go to kaspersky settings

2) Now go to content filtering and deselect “enable banner ad blocker”.

That’s enough now, It will allow to open properly in your browser.

Hope you liked it

Thanks for being here

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Shortcuts for Windows Server

The Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools are a set of tools to help administrators streamline management tasks such as troubleshooting operating system issues, managing Active Directory®, configuring networking and security features, and automating application deployment. The following tools are provided:
Acctinfo.dll :( documented in Readme.htm)
Adlb.exe : Active Directory Load Balancing Tool
Admx.msi : ADM File Parser
Atmarp.exe : Windows ATM ARP Server Information Tool
Atmlane.exe : Windows ATM LAN Emulation Client Information
Autoexnt.exe : AutoExNT Service
Cdburn.exe : ISO CD-ROM Burner Tool
Checkrepl.vbs : Check Replication
Chklnks.exe : Link Check Wizard
Chknic.exe : Network Interface Card Compliance Tool for Network Load Balancing
Cleanspl.exe : Spooler Cleaner
Clearmem.exe : Clear Memory
Clusdiag.msi : Cluster Diagnostics and Verification Tool
Clusfileport.dll : Cluster Print File Port
Clusterrecovery.exe : Server Cluster Recovery Utility
Cmdhere.inf : Command Here
Cmgetcer.dll : Connection Manager Certificate Deployment Tool
Compress.exe : Compress Files
Confdisk.exe : Disk Configuration Tool
Consume.exe : Memory Consumers Tool
Creatfil.exe : Create File
Csccmd.exe : Client-Side Caching Command-Line Options
Custreasonedit.exe : Custom Reason Editor (documented in Readme.htm)
Delprof.exe : User Profile Deletion Utility
Dh.exe : Display Heap
Diskraid.exe : RAID Configuration Tool
Diskuse.exe : User Disk Usage Tool
Dnsdiag.exe : SMTP DNS Diagnostic Tool (documented in Readme.htm)
Dumpfsmos.cmd : Dump FSMO Roles
Dvdburn.exe : ISO DVD Burner Tool
Empty.exe : Free Working Set Tool
Eventcombmt.exe : Check Replication
Fcopy.exe : File Copy Utility for Message Queuing
Frsflags.vbs : For Flags
Getcm.exe : Connection Manager Profile Update
Gpmonitor.exe : Group Policy Monitor
Gpotool.exe : Group Policy Objects
Hlscan.exe : Hard Link Display Tool
Ifilttst.exe : IFilter Test Suite
Ifmember.exe : User Membership Tool
Inetesc.adm : Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
Iniman.exe : Initialization Files Manipulation Tool
Instcm.exe : Install Connection Manager Profile
Instsrv.exe : Service Installer
Intfiltr.exe : Interrupt Affinity Tool
Kerbtray.exe : Kerberos Tray
Kernrate.exe : Kernel Profiling Tool
Klist.exe : Kerberos List
Krt.exe : Certification Authority Key Recovery
Lbridge.cmd : L-Bridge
Linkd.exe : for link
Linkspeed.exe : Link Speed
List.exe : List Text File Tool
Lockoutstatus.exe : Account Lockout Status (documented in Readme.htm)
Logtime.exe : For log time
Lsreport.exe : Terminal Services Licensing Reporter
Lsview.exe : Terminal Services License Server Viewer
Mcast.exe : Multicast Packet Tool
Memmonitor.exe : Memory Monitor
Memtriage.exe : Resource Leak Triage Tool
Mibcc.exe : SNMP MIB Compiler
Moveuser.exe : Move Users
Mscep.dll : Certificate Services Add-on for Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol
Nlsinfo.exe : Locale Information Tool
Now.exe : STDOUT Current Date and Time
Ntimer.exe : Windows Program Timer
Ntrights.exe : for NT rights
Oh.exe : Open Handles
Oleview.exe : OLE/COM Object Viewer
Pathman.exe : Path Manager
Permcopy.exe : Share Permissions Copy
Perms.exe : User File Permissions Tool
Pfmon.exe : Page Fault Monitor
Pkiview.msc : PKI Health Tool
Pmon.exe : Process Resource Monitor
Printdriverinfo.exe : Drivers Source
Prnadmin.dll : Printer Administration Objects
Qgrep.exe :
Qtcp.exe : QoS Time Stamp
Queryad.vbs : Query Active Directory
Rassrvmon.exe : RAS Server Monitor
Rcontrolad.exe : Active Directory Remote Control Add-On
Regini.exe : Registry Change by Script
Regview.exe : (documented in Readme.htm)
Remapkey.exe : Remap Windows Keyboard Layout
Robocopy.exe : Robust File Copy Utility
Rpccfg.exe : RPC Configuration Tool
Rpcdump.exe : RPC Dump
Rpcping.exe : RPC Ping
RPing : RPC Connectivity Verification Tool
Rqc.exe : Remote Access Quarantine Client
Rqs.exe : Remote Access Quarantine Agent
Setprinter.exe : Spooler Configuration Tool
Showacls.exe : For show Clear Screen
Showperf.exe : Performance Data Block Dump Utility
Showpriv.exe : Show Privilege
Sleep.exe : Batch File Wait
Sonar.exe : FRS Status Viewer
Splinfo.exe : Print Spooler Information
Srvany.exe : Applications as Services Utility
Srvcheck.exe : Server Share Check
Srvinfo.exe : Remote Server Information
Srvmgr.exe : Server Manager
Ssdformat.exe : System State Data Formatter
Subinacl.exe :
Tail.exe :
Tcmon.exe : Traffic Control Monitor
Timeit.exe : (documented in Readme.htm)
Timezone.exe : Daylight Saving Time Update Utility
Tsctst.exe : Terminal Server Client License Dump Tool
Tsscalling.exe : Terminal Services Scalability Planning Tools
Uddicatschemeeditor.exe : UDDI Services Categorization Scheme Editor
Uddiconfig.exe : UDDI Services Command-line Configuration Utility
Uddidataexport.exe : UDDI Data Export Wizard
Usrmgr.exe : User Manager for Domains
Vadump.exe : Virtual Address Dump
Vfi.exe : Visual File Information
Volperf.exe : Shadow Copy Performance Counters
Volrest.exe : Shadow Copies for Shared Folders Restore Tool
Vrfydsk.exe : Verify Disk
Winexit.scr : Windows Exit Screen Saver
Winhttpcertcfg.exe : WinHTTP Certificate Configuration Tool
Winhttptracecfg.exe : WinHTTP Tracing Facility Configuration Tool
Winpolicies.exe : Policy Spy
Wins.dll : WINS Replication Network Monitor Parser
Wlbs_hb.dll & Wlbs_rc.dll : Windows Load Balancing Server Network Monitor Parsers

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Difference Between Windows 2000 and 2003 Server (For Interview)

1- When installing terminal services for win2000 u r prompted to select application server functions or administrative functions sets can be installed sequently on one server but it performs only one function at one time. But in 2003 still distinguishes between application and administrative services but installation and management are now consolidated.
2- In Win 2000 server we can apply 620 group policies but in 2003 we can apply nearly 720 so Win2003 server is more secure than win 2000 server.
3- In 2000 we cannot rename domain whereas in 2003 we can rename Domain.
4- In 2000 it supports of 8 processors and 64 GB RAM (In 2000 Advance Server) whereas in 2003 supports up to 64 processors and max of 512GB RAM.
5- Win 2000 Supports IIS 5.0 and 2003 Supports IIS6.0
6- Win 2000 doesn’t support Dot net whereas 2003 Supports Microsoft .NET 2.0
7- Win 2000 has Server and Advance Server editions whereas 2003 has Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter and Web server Editions.
8- Win 2000 doesn’t have any 64 bit server operating system whereas 2003 has 64 bit server operating systems (Windows Server 2003 X64 Std and Enterprise Edition)
9- Win 2000 has basic concept of DFS (Distributed File systems) with defined roots whereas Win 2003 has Enhanced DFS support with multiple roots.
10- In 2000 there is complexity in administering Complex networks whereas 2003 is easy administration in all & Complex networks.
11- In 2000 we can create 1 million users and in 2003 we can create 1 billion users.
12- In 2003 we have concept of Volume shadow copy service which is used to create hard disk snap shot which is used in Disaster recovery and 2000 doesn’t have this service.
13- In 2000 we don’t have end user policy management, whereas in 2003 we have a End user policy management which is done in GPMC (Group policy management console).

14- In 2000 we have cross domain trust relation ship and 2003 we have Cross forest trust elationship.
15- Win 2000 Supports 4-node clustering and 2003 supports 8-node clustering.
16- Win 2003 has High HCL Support (Hardware Compatibility List) issued by Microsoft.
17- Code name of 2000 is Win NT 5.0 and Code name of 2003 is Win NT 5.1
18-Win 2003 has service called ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) which is used to communicate between branches with safe authentication.
19- In 2003 their is improved storage management using service File Server Resource Manager (FSRM).
20- Win 2003 has service called Windows Share point Services (It is an integrated portfolio of collaboration and communication services designed to connect people, information, processes, and systems both within and beyond the organizational firewall).
21- Win 2003 has Improved Print management compared to 2000 server.
22- Win 2003 has telnet sessions available.
23- Win 2000 supports IPV4 whereas 2003 supports IPV4 and IPV6.

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How to Work DNS- DNS Process

Basically its work on IP to Name and Name to IP . For any example like
First- Client will request to his own dns server
DNS server may have ip of if yes. it will resolve ip and send back to client if database is not there then it will ask to its upper DNS server, if that server will have data it will responce with ip otherwise it will refer to another server root dns server is after that there so many upper layer dns like

after then suppose under .com there will be so many domain
like yahoo
and so on and after than connect successfully.

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How to open MDI file

How to open MDI file

Today someone in my office got an attachment file as an MDI extension.

First He asked me should he download this MDI file when I said yes his next question was how to open MDI file as its showing unknown file type on the computer.I was aware what to for this so I just added scanning, OCR and indexing filter component in installed Ms Office and it worked.

Might be yoy are not aware what to do so just install these component and you are done.

Here is detailed tutorial how to do that. I am showing for MS office 2007 but there is almost similar procedure for MS office 2003.

1) First open add remove program. You can use shortcut command “Appwiz.cpl” from run panel. (For more shortcut command and keys please visit my previous post here and here).

2) Now select MS office and click on change do not click on uninstall.

3) It will open a screen as bellow in this select add or remove features or you can use alt+a to select this and then click on continue.

4) In next screen you will get bellow screen. Here find the office tools and when you will expans office tools you will get Microsoft Office document Imaging.
5) Expand this Microsoft Office document Imaging and you will get scanning, OCR and Indexing service filter. Right click on this and select run from my computer.

6) It will install the required component in few second.

Once it’s all installed you need not to do anything just double click on your MDI file and its done.

If you find any problem feel free to come back with comments.

Hope it was useful for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Not able to receive mail from a particular domain

Not able to receive mail from a particular domain

Add domain to White sender list domain

My boss told me there is a strange problem that we are not receiving mails from rediffmail on our corporate email Id. It gets bounce back to sender with a error message of spam mail at the same time same content mail from other mail provider like Gmail, yahoo mail or other mail provider was successfully receiving.

I checked the same for my mailbox and as usual I got the same “554 Sorry,this message appears to be spam (#5.6.0) (in reply to end of DATA command)” so I removed anti spam on my mailbox and then I tried to send a mail to my mailbox, Result was successful delivery of the mail. But neither I could nor I want do it for my all account else spam mail will kill my network.

So what was the other option?

I never faced this problem earlier so I called to my hosting provider and then they suggested me to add redifmail in white sender list domain in group spam setting. I did that and result was positive it worked.

Simple answer for this solution is that add the complete domain in safe sender domain or white sender domain list in your antispam group setting from your dashboard.

For jodoshared/jodohost you need to go to mail manager and edit group spam setting. Add domain in white sender list and click on save setting.

It might take some time to do this if you have long list of mail accounts.

If you are not sure how to do that simple call your hosting vendor support centre and ask them how to do it and I am sure you will get the solution.

If you need help from my side just comment any time and I will try to help you as soon as possible.

Hope it was useful and you liked it

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Mails older than 7 days are not appearing in MS outlook Inbox

Mails older than 7 days disappearing in MS outlook Inbox

One of my office mates got a problem in his Ms outlook that mails older than 7 days were not
appearing in his MS outlook. It was neither in deleted folder nor in archive. I checked if there is any setting that could delete the mails but I found nothing.

After some time my assistant told me it’s a simple function and setting of MS outlook and we can simply change it by a single click. For re-display those mails he went to menu->view->current view and selected messages. Earlier it was selected as only last seven days.

I understand it’s not a big deal to know this thing but I believe it’s something that many people do not know as they do not play with settings and disappearing of emails from your live MS outlook create a panic so If I can save single minute also for any one by this I would think that writing this post was useful.

Hope it will be useful

Thanks for being here

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