Google Langugage tool

Google Langugage tool

Many years back when I was dumb in other languages I wished if I can get every thing in Hindi as I am native for hindi languge, I used to surf web at that time also but the only one website that is first hindi portal of the world. They worked with microsoft for hindi font also. Than many tools came after that for hindi but none of them was good that can keep me sticked on hindi languge and meanwhile I became little good at english.

Before some time back I found google languge tool that is very good for converstion as well as hindi typing. With the help of this google languge tool my uncle also can understand those websites that he couldn’t understand earlier due to languge problem as he don’t know english at all.

My uncle asked me few months back if I can do anything to change the languge and I denied him from an end stating I am not good at all for this but after few days I got the google tool and that I shared with my uncle and got a treat from him.

Language converstion tool of google is so cool. It can convert many languges from one language to another language . It can convert a sentence paragraph or en entire webpage depands on your need.

Till this time its hindi converision is not so good but than also its very good and one can understand whats wriiten in english.

Othe than this if you want to write in hindi google gave a very good writing tool in which you can type in rom and it will give you result in hindi devnagri font. As its unicode so you can paste it in word or any where else that support unicode.

Here is the url for hindi typing.

आप को विश्वाश नही हो रहा है तो ये देख लीजिये यह एक उदहारण के तौर पर आपके सामने है।

So now just don’t stop reading any website due to language problem go and use the Google language tool to read it by changing its language


pd said...

Thanks for this. I really need this type of tool.

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