BSNL EVDO Internet data card

BSNL EVDO Internet data card speed Upto 2MBPS

Back one year BSNL Launched 3G technology internet data card for giving 2 mbps internet connection on wireless technology, that too in only in INR 500. They launched this service long back but they start selling it just few days back.

I am using this internet data card since one month and I got really amazing speed on this data card. At-least in India this is the fastest and most stable connection till this time that I have used. I used TATA,Reliance and Airtel internet data card but neither of those were stable nor good speed.

I got its maximum speed till 1.2 mbps in good condition. Speed varies from location to location. At my room I get average speed 512kbps, maximum speed goes to 1.2mbps and most of the time speed varies betweeb 500 kbps to 700kbps. At my office I get average 250kbps speed nad maximum speed till 800kbps It varies between 250 to 400kbps.

Good things about BSNL Data card.

1) Up to 2 mbps speed.

2) Documentation only as much as you need to get a fixed line phone.

3) Available on rent.

4) Only in INR 500 you get unlimited internet connection with a good speed.

Bad things About BSNL data card

1) Roaming is not there with it till this time. (As per official nce they got infrastructure over entire country they will make it roaming.)

2) On wireless so sometime problem occurs (not reliable as fixed line but more reliable than other provider in India).

Its usage is very simple.

Just Install->change the user name password->connect

Yes it’s like this only it works with windows XP as well as windows Vista also. For Vista they will give you an aditional patch.I have not tested it on Linux or Mac but I am sure it would work because it just need a dialler and in Linux and Mac you can use wvdial for dialling internet connection (on Linux I have tested Tata and Reliance USB internet data card, will post that soon here) I will test it and I will share the result.

One thing that you need to remember if they haven’t told you username and password you will be in trouble. You may not get it on any website or forum. Its username and password both is CDMA.I got the same problem after taking the connection and I found solution after reaching to their office only. On web I found use phone number and It was bullshit reliance user might have thrown a guess with that answer.


Unknown said...

The username and password for BSNL's EvDO depends on what has been configured into the device. In some places, the STD code (without the preceding 0) followed by the phone number is used as the username and password. In other places the password is just the last four digits of your number.

...yet to find my destiny.. said...

Hi,In broadband we have option as to configure Outlook uisng some server address or so.While configuring it for EVDO/NIC," whats the 'server information' that we have to give?"
Kindly answer my query?

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Unknown said...

3G services has redefined the internet services in our nation where 2G services are in abundance of use.BSNL is one of the best 3G service provider of our nation and its plans are also less expensive.
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