Portable PDF reader

Portable PDF reader

In my previous post I gave information about the Portable Office suit and portable Firefox this time here I am with a portable PDF reader. This is a very small tool and I loved it, after using this I decided I should not install acrobat reader or any PDF reading software on my computer for giving an amount of RAM and Hard disk to that particular program even If I am not using it. Day before yesterday I in need of PDF reader so First I thought to download acrobat reader 9 than I decided for Foxit PDF reader but finally I ended up with Sumatra PDF reader.

It comes in a zipped exe file of around 1.07MB size and after extraction its size is only 1.6MB.I extracted it and after extraction with few setting this software would worked as fine as it works for a machine where it is installed. I can open any PDF file by just double click on the file with Sumatra Portable PDF reader

Here is the method to use this portable PDF reader
1) After downloading extract the file at your desired location.
2) Now go to you PDF file right click on the file and select open with.
3) Click on Browse button and browse the SumatraPrtablePDF.exe file. This file will be there in your extracted folder.
4) Do select Always use this program to open this kind of file.
5) Now click on OK

After the above setting you can open any PDF file by just double click on the PDF file that you have.

The best thing that I liked with this software is its Free so you need not to worry about piracy at all.
You can download it from
here it is direct link for the download.

This is not compleete I will come with more portable application very soon.


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