MAPI32.DLL file missing in outlook

MAPI32.DLL file missing in outlook

MAPI32.DLL error running Outlook 2003 - Office Setup

Today morning one of my colleagues asked me to upgrade his mail client from outlook express to MS outlook. I questioned him why you are using outlook express while we have MS outlook and he answered me “all the time I start MS outlook I get some annoying error. I tried to reinstall and did every tweak that was available on net but it’s not working”.

I decided to check it by my own so I started outlook and got the error MAPI.DLL is missing or corrupt. Well after this simply I had to do outlook repair or reinstall but my colleague said he already done that. I said ok let me do it once again. First I repaired but it dint work than uninstall and reinstall but then also result was same.

Now I had no other option that thinking in out of box way. I removed MS office once again and now I went to C:\program files here I looked if traces of MS office installed files are still there and I got the problem. The MS office folder was still there. I removed the MS office folder and then I removed the msocache folder from my c drive that gets created when we install MsOffice.

After this I restarted the computer and re-installed the MS Office and needless to say it worked as if it never had any problem.

So to get rid of this error just uninstall MS office->Remove all the files of installed MS office from program file and temp files now restart the computer and reinstall ms office and your are done.

Hope this was useful for you.

Please let me know if you get any problem in this.


Alex said...

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Unknown said...

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