Complete backup solution single tool

Complete backup solution by a single tool

I gave simple backup script in my previous post that could copy the data at backup location and it could zip it and rename it with current date but what if you want to have an incremental data backup or what if you want to copy something on your ftp server religiously for keeping something more secured. This time I am here with a solution that can not only backup or upload data but can do many other tasks also.

This is simple light weight software that can do Backup, Restore of backup, FTP Mirroring, uploading data on FTP, Download and copy the data from local computer as well as from network too. You can decide the time and priority for any task and you can schedule it.

The best thing with this tool is that you can back up the data not only on local machine but also on ftp as well as on DVD also.

If you need it you can download if from here for free.

I am using a downloaded version and I have no issue in using it.

I hope it was useful for you


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