Google Chrome Offiline installation Setup

Google Chrome Offiline installation

Compleet installation file of google chrome

Its very hyped in market that Google released its browser named as Chrome and there are lot of specialities about the same so I am not going to talk about its specialiteis and other features.

When I tried to download the google crhome browser I found its giving only a file of 500KB aproximatly but the actull download size of its installation file is 7.35MB. Google is not providing the direct download link but I managed to get its offline installation file from the temp downloaded folder of google chrome installation.

I downloaded it from its 500KB file and then copie the full sized download file in my computer from temp location to share the same with all the people in my office.

I have uploaded it on server and you can download the same from this rapidshare link

If you get any problem in this please let me know

I will make its mirror on mediafire and megaupload if I will get request for the same.

I hope it was usefull for you

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Download link

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