select the program to open document when you open drive

Since a long time I was not able to write on my blog just because of very hectic and busy schedule but now trying to write again in a flow.

Today morning when I came to my office one girl in my office came to me and started shouting that “AP what kind of antivirus you installed on my machine, I am not able to access any of the drive in my computer. It is asking me to open the document with program when I am opening any drive” I knew it was a problem of an auto generated inf file that is autorun.inf. This file was created before I installed antivirus on her machine. I requested her to calm down and let me do the job.

I logged on her machine deleted autorun.inf file from every drive and that was done.

Ok now what is the process to get rid of open the document with following application? Here is the process to get this working.

1)Login on the infected computer

2)Now open task manager you can open it using ctrl+alt+delete or ctrl+shift+esc key combinations.

Now go to process tab.

3)Find the explorer.exe write click on it and end the process tree.

4)It will close all the explorer windows of your computer.

5)Now click on file menu of task manager then click on New Task (run )

6)It will open a new window similar to run

7)Type CMD here and press enter.

8)It will open command prompt.

9)Now type following command to remove the autorun.inf file.

a. del c:\autorun.* /f /s /q /a

b. If you have drive c,d,e f then you have to run this command 4 time . Each time you would need to change the drive name

I hope it was useful for you and resolved your problem.




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