Thank you very much for your support to me

HI Friends,

First of all thank you very much for the love and support that you people gave me to make this happen.

When I started writing as an active blogger I never assumed that my blog will reach to count of more than 10,000 visits per month, I never thought I would write this thanks note to you for having more than 10,000 visits per month that too in just a short time of 11month.

I started writing on my blog exactly 11month back from today and it’s my 100th post on my technical blog although it’s not technical post but I would like to share my ideas and my al work with you all. I have different blogs under different category but I was not able to write on them regularly I will start writing on them very soon.

I bought a domain that is and I will write a networking tutorial book on this site other than regular network stuff. Many times I get email that I should write about my work domain also so I will write about them.

I have another blog on which I have not worked as an active blogger since a long time but I shall start blogging on that again that is . This blog is totally entertainment blog and I write about Hollywood and bollywod celebrities on this blog, I generally write a birthday wish a brief introduction and few selected wallpaper of those celebrities.

My one more blog is my personal blog where I write about myself and my thought although I was not able to write on that since a long time but I have started writing on that too again and I will surely keep it moving. My personal blog address is  I would request you to visit on this blog also as it would be definitely helpful for many professional.

I have a website that I created for myself that is it was fun for me to have this website as I could do anything that what I want to do and I will not be answerable to anyone other than me, you can visit here for a mixture of fun and knowledge and for many other things.
Many time people asked me on mails about me also to I would say I am just a fun loving person working as a network admin in a software company since 4 years and you can get more about me on my website.

I have few other blogs also where I don’t work at all but I was supposed to work on them and I will work for them also after a big success of my this blog. I created those blogs on request of my readers but I was not able to work on them and now I convinced myself for work on those blog also about them I will write some other time when I will do a work on them.

Hope it was not very bad and you are not looking a shoe for hurling that to me after this all.

Thanks for being here
AP Dubey


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