Read write in NTFS drive folder from Mac.

Read write in NTFS drive folder from Mac.

Yesterday one of my team members who work in Mac asked me my hard drive to copy some data from his Mac Machine to windows machine. I gave him my portable hard drive and just after few minute of that he came back to me complaining that something is wrong in drive it’s not allowing me to copy any data from Mac Machine.

At that time I remembered Mac do not allow to write in NTFS partition without any third party tool. Because I have done it earlier also so it was not impossible for me to install ntfs driver but I did that long back that too using some command tool

I searched again Google in hope I find something good and in fact I found something good for this.

I found NTFS-3G tool. Its double click installation tool and it work great for writing NTFS files in Mac. You can get this tool from here.

Please go through complete document before installation from above given site.

I hope it was useful for you and it helped you.

Thanks for being her

AP Dubey


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