11 Must have applications for a new Windows machine

All the time I format or do a clean installation of any Windows machine I must install 11 applications before using it. Without these applications I cant think about working on my computer.

Here are these applications

1) Antivirus: I do not do anything on my computer unless I do not have good updated antivirus software in my computer. Personally I prefer McAfee or Kaspersky but you can buy any of your own choice. If you don’t want to buy one use Google pack antivirus+spyware doctor that’s a good antivirus. http://pack.google.com

2) MS Office: I believe this is one tool that every windows user is aware of and one cannot go-ahead without MS office for any office application.

As I said previously I don’t support priacy so I cannot give you a free download link of it but you can use open office that is equally good if you do not wish to buy MS office.

You can get it from here http://www.openoffice.org/

3) DO PDF: A free PDF printer that can convert any printable document in PDF file. In our day to day life we always need to convert documents in PDF so it’s a great free tool for that.

You can download it from www.dopdf.com

4) Media Players : Every one needs a good media player if you are using computer at home so I prefer 2 ways for it. Either get a good pack of codec or get a media player that can run almost every media file.

VLC media player is a player that can run almost every media file with almost any codec. You can get it from www.videolan.org

If we talk about Codec I recommend only Klite codec that can allow you to run almost every media file in Windows media player. You can get it from http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_lite_codec_pack.htm

Codec’s are available for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows any version.

5) Web Browser : Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari

No Need to explain if you use computer at home or office you must need multiple web browser

So you can download them from their site I am not giving a link please do a google search for them if you do not know them already

6) Instant Messenger :Google talk/skype/yahoo/MSN live messenger

If you use computer at home or work you must need multiple chat client also as per your need so you can download them from their site I am not giving a link please do a Google search for them also if you do not know them already

7) Free Download Manager: FDM is a download manger that accelerates download speed of a download and it allows you to resume a download. It can easily integrate itself with all browsers. Best of all its free and it don’t get any viruses or spyware like other free or ad-supported downloads managers do.

You can download it free from http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/

8) Utorrent : I can’t think my computer without a good torrent client because I download many thing from torrent including all the latest distribution of Linux videos that I don’t in my DVD store.

Best thing with u torrent is it consume very less memory and they call it “A Powerhouse with a Tiny Appetite” you can get it from http://www.utorrent.com/

9) WinRar: I don’t use winrar for normal zipped folder but winrar can extract almost any kind of compressed file including iso files.

They ask for money but I never paid them for it and neither needed any crack for using it for all the time you can download it from www.rarlab.com they provide it for 32bit as well as for 64bit.

10) Wordweb: A small but wonderful dictionary application for everyone who English is as poor as mine or poorer than me. It can explain meaning of almost any English word

You can download it free from http://wordweb.info/free/ they ask you money for using this tool if you take more than 3 flights in a year, so I believe one can use it all the time.

11) PDF Reader: No need to explain need of a PDF reader application for anyone who is familiar user of computer and Adobe reader is freely available from http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/?promoid=BUIGO

If you don’t want to use Adobe reader or don’t want to download it because if its big size you can try Foxit Reader you can download Foxit Reader free from http://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/index.php

I hope this information was useful for you and it helped you

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey

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How to Get Maximum Speed from BSNL EVDO data card

I am using BSNL EVDO data card since last 18 Months and I found it really good।

I wrote a post previously about its peed and usage including default username and password, with reference to that post I received many email in all this time with a way to get good speed on BSNL EVDO data card।

They complained they are not able to get good speed on BSNL EVDO data card and I wonder why they do not get it।

Some time I also felt same problem but only for a few second as soon as I use it in my regular using style it become normal again.

Here is a list of precautions that one should take care while using data card
1) Your computer should be virus free:à Its a precaution not only when you use data card but for all the time to get good internet speed.
2) If you are using a laptop I would recommend do not use it on bed, it makes your laptop heated and slow performance of entire system including internet. Use a card board or wood when you are working from your bed.
3) Your data card should be in air and it should be free to receive signals from every direction.
4) If possible please keep it away from all magnetic and metallic material.
5) If you are not getting good speed changing direction of your data card will give you a really changed speed, try changing your data card direction slowly.
6) For putting it in Air you can use a USB expansion cable as I did in bellow image.

Please remember:à Whatever I wrote above is my experience with data card and it was useful for me and many of those who asked help from me for same.

Hope It was useful for you and solved your issue

Thaks for being here

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