Not able to view orkut full site in opera mobile

I was just walkin and browsing orkut on my basic GPRS mobile and found that I can not browse orkut in full site mode in opera mobile 4.2.

I tried other site as well and found i can not browse then in full site mode even if its not wap site. I checked opera settings and found that culprit was mobile view setting in it. I disabled it and than tested site and I found I can browse every website in full site mode without any problem.

Here is setting for disabling mobile view in opera mobile. Go to setting and tools now uncheck mobile view and save the settings.

I hope it was useful for you and solved your problem.

Thanks for being here.

written from my nokia 3110


Anonymous said...

im also not able to open full site on dis freak opera mobile,1st its loading sooooo sooooo slow,
2nd take soooooooo many data to load atleast 800kb to 1-1.5 mb,,
3rd runnig sooooo sooooo slow,
4th again n again show ''messaging memory full,close some application,then trye again,what is dis,,im fed up wid this,,,,i just hate opera mobile,its not more than a scrap,,
I like to use orkut in opera mini but d problem there is only new version of orkut will run,old version not run in opera mini,new version is just unbelieveable,out from dis world,i dont know what in d mind of new orkut owner when they enhanced dis,,,im fed up wid new orkut,i cant understand how to edit profile there in new orkut still,its being past almost 2 years,its very very typical,i cant understand how i use new orkut,,shit shit,,,,,

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