Remove unwanted files from System32 folder

I was going nuts due to increasing file size in one of my server that I created in 2006 and I was not getting any clue what to do. I checked everything and found its windows folder that is consuming a lot of space, I searched everything and found no solution for that other than deleting memory dump but that wasn’t enough for me.

I started checking size of each individual folder and came at result that a folder names “Logfiles” in windows\system32 folder was consuming space over 7GB. I searched for same on Google and found that I can delete its files that I don’t need any more.

Simply next step was to remove these Logfiles from c:\windows\system32\logfiles folder and I got enough space once again for my regular work.

To gain disk space in c drive you can try following 3 things.

1) Delete Temp file:à I will not explain you how to do that make a Google search for that.

2) Run Disk cleanup:à Same answer for this too, you need to do Google for how to do that if you don’t already know.

3) Remove dump files: àIf your windows machine got crashed or gave blue screen due to any reason it will create a dump file equivalent to size of RAM in windows folder for removing this file on run type %SystemRoot% or C:\windows and remove Memory.dmp file.

4) Remove Log files from system32:àGo to c:\Windows\System32\LogFiles and remove all the old log files that you don’t want to use any more. I would suggest you to go inside each folder and delete all old file but do not remove recently created files.

Other than this I would recommend to remove all unwanted program, remove files that you don’t really need on C drive and to search and remove any kind of dump file to reclaim maximum disk space in root drive.

Please remember I will have no responsibility for any damage if occurred… Just trying to keep myself on safer side :)

I hope it was useful for you and solved your purpose

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey


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