The nominated exchange server for offline address book OAB has been deleted nominate a valid server and restart setup

I was trying to install client access and hub transport server role in my Exchange test environment. In this environment I intentionally removed my Exchange 2007 but I dint know it will create issue for me while installing other server role.

I was trying to install client access server role on one of my test server and found error “The nominated exchange server for offline address book OAB has been deleted nominate a valid server and restart setup” in prerequisites of exchange 2010 client access server role.

I tried assigning it from my exchange management console over new exchange 2010 server but it was making my console hang so I decided to remove the settings from ADSI Edit and then try to install. I removed the setting and installation went smooth. After that I got the offline address book as well.

Here is procedure for that.

1) on run type adsiedit.msc

2) On ADSI Edit MMC right click on ADSI Edit and click on connect to

3) from second drop down list bellow select a well-known naming context select configuration and click ok

4) in configuration it will give you FQDN of your domain

5) Now go to services under CN=Configuration, DC=yourdomain,DC=com

6) Under Services double click on CN=Microsoft Exchange

7) It will take you to your domain

8) under this double double click on CN=Address Lists Container

9) Under this you will get CN=Offline Address Lists groups.

10) remove these settings from here restart your installation

Run the setup again. This time it should get installed with no issue.

Please understand these settings changes may impact your running exchange organization so please implement these changes on your own risk I will not be able to take responsibility for any damage.

I hope it helped you. Thanks for being here


AP Dubey


Eric Beringer said...

Thank you! This helped me out a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Thank you it's relay helped me .

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Anonymous said...

Thanks , this saved me from torching my test domain to purge the info... :D

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Debarghya said...

It worked for me Thanks

Mohammed Shaikh said...

It worked for me like a charm.

Thanks alot.

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Anonymous said...

Большое спасибо! Очень помогли!

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raj_shinde said...

This works a treat! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice find. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank You....darling

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