Not able to mount database in exchange server when DAG is failed

Remove DAG from ADSI edit to mount the database automatically

If you are running a DAG that is failed and you do not have witness server or your secondry mailbox server that this problem may come to you for its solution remove the DAG from server and database will get mounted automatically.

  1. On run type adsiedit.msc
  2. On ADSI Edit MMC right click on ADSI Edit and click on connect to
  3. From second drop down list bellow select a well-known naming context select configuration and click ok
  4. In configuration it will give you FQDN of your domain
  5. Now go to services under CN=Configuration, DC=yourdomain,DC=com
  6. Under Services double click on CN=Microsoft Exchange
  7. It will take you to your domain
  8. Under this double double click on Administrative groups
  9. Under this you will get database availability groups.
  10. On other side you will find entry for your Database availability group
  11. Remove these settings from here restart your EMC and this time your mail database should get mounted.

Please understand I am not very big exchange expert and this is a suggestion from my side based on my experience, I am not responsible for any damage in your exchange organization so kindly do these changes on your own guarantee.

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