System date and time change automatically to some other time

Today my colleague reported an issue to me that he is not able to make any change in time of some of virtual machines. He was using Hyper-V server. Whenever he make change to his virtual system time it automatically change with a new time

To check I asked him to disables time synchronization under system integration setting and check it. He checked it after doing and found its working fine now.

I checked his base machine and I found time zone of virtual machine and physical machine was different and because of that this issue was occurring.

If you have this issue in any of your virtual machine please do check if its physical machine time zone and virtual machine time zone both are same. If you cannot change time zone of either of the machine than disable the time synchronization between your host and guest machine.

If you are having this issue in your physical machine only then do check if your systems time zone is correct and is it synchronized from any of time server. If this is the case disable time synchronization or change the time zone.

I hope it was useful for you and it helped you




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