Digital TV with recorder not booting

Settop box recorder not booting

One of my neighbors knocked my door yesterday night and said he needs my help. I asked what help he need and he said his digital TV is not starting up and as I am good in computer he thought I can help him. I am not good in digital TV system but I decided to look at it once, I checked it and restarted it by removing its power cable and it worked well but my neighbor said it work some time after so many restart but it do not work always.

I was not sure what to do but I gave a shot to check and I found his digital tv’s setup box hard disk was almost full. It was consuming more than 95% space of storage space and if this is the condition in computer it will definitely not perform well.

I deleted many old recording from his Settop box recorder and made 60% space available in it, after that I restarted that Digital tv settop box multiple time and it booted quite fast and without any problem.

I can’t give you a guarantee that this could work for you also if you are having issue of set top box not booting but there is not harm removing some old episodes and movies from your digital tv or set top box recorder and give it a try.

Hope it will work for you also




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