All the content on this blog is written by me with my own experience and I have copied no data from anywhere. If I take any data from any blog website or person I mention respective name properly and clearly visible.

If you have any issue or concern with content of my blog or if you think I copied it from your blog or site and did not give you credit please feel free to drop me an email with concern and off course proof of it. I will remove the content in less than 48 hour.

Please understand if you will ask me to remove content without any proper explanation or proof I won’t be able to remove content from my blog.

I do share free to use tools some time but I don’t support piracy so If you find something is offensive as per Law please do let me know

Please understand for my own records all the IPS that visits this blog gets recorded and I keep them for 21 days after that they get removed from my server. You don’t have to worry about it but I just wanted to let you know it

AP Dubey

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