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Few months back I got a task of mirroring of hard disk from one hard disk to another hard disk due to some project requirement. I checked many tool but I did not found any good solution for me as I had to copy Linux Hard disk. I tried to use Norton Ghost but it didn’t worked for me I tried to use Ghost for Linux but I found it too difficult for use for a non professional user because I had to give this tool to those people who are only familiar with some basic of hardware and software .

After a long search I found a good tool that can full fill my requirement and it was simple enough to use that anyone could use it. it was a simple few step process that any computer user can do who know how to make a secondary hard disk and how to boot from CD.

The tool is call PC Inspector clone Max. This tool is free full version. Its size is only few KB and can copy data of any size hard disk.

Using the new direct DMA support, from Hard disk to hard disk data can be copied speeds up to 3.3 GB per minute via high speed mode.

This high speed is achieved by PC INSPECTOR™ clone maxx through intelligent inspection of the PC motherboard and the hard drive controller. The software independently determines the fastest data transmission rate and achieves these exceptional speeds through optimal utilization of the DMA chipset on the motherboard of your PC.

CloneMAX can be started directly from a boot disk. The copying process of hard disk is indepented to file system that means you can copy any data from one hard disk to another hard disk. It copies data sector wise not by the file system. That means it doesn’t matter you are copying data of FAT,NTFS EXT or Reiser or how many partition you have in your hard disk.

The full version of PC INSPECTOR clone maxx can be obtained at no cost from the sponsor "CONVAR – Die Datenretter” http://www.pcinspector.de/Sites/clone_maxx/info.htm?language=1

Process for cloning of hard disk:

1) Download ISO file from above location and make a CD of this ISO file that would be bootable CD. You can use any of your favorite CD burning tools for burning this ISO file in CD.

2) Attach the new hard disk in computer as secondary (say hard disk2) in which you want to copy data of old hard disk (say hard disk1).

3) Set you bios setting firs boot device CD/DVD rom.

4) On your computer and insert newly created CD in CD rom.

5) It should get booted from CD ROM and you will see a screen to select language. Press 6 for English Language.

6) Wait for Hard disk scan. After that you will get a screen that will show you hard disk.

7) Now select source drive that is old drive (say hard disk 1). Press the number of that hard disk drive. Here it is 1.

8) Now select the desination drive that is new drive in which you want to copy data of hard disk (say hard disk 2). Press the number of hard disk here it is 2. It won’t display hard disk 1 in this screen.

9) It will ask for confirmation if your source and destination hard disk are correct press Y if it’s ok for you.

10) It will give you an estimated time to complete the cloning of hard disk.

11) Once it’s done it will say press any key and remove CD remove hard disk and us as you want.


1) Destination hard disk should be greater than the source hard disk.

2) Before cloning make sure the hard disk order that you are trying is correct. If you are not sure about your hard disk number you might lose your data also.

3) If you are using this first time or have any doubt please use it on testing machine and then go for production machine.


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