Operating System Up gradation

By being a system and network admin some time I saw that some of the system got corrupted because of virus and I cannot help myself to do anything for that computer. I was wondering if I can get any solution and can save my time to avoid reinstallation of system and can save valuable time. I tried this way that might be a very well known method for many of you but it was a very new method for me and I tried that it worked and now I don’t go for reformat of my machine every time. Here is process what I have done. It’s just simple upgrade of operating system instead of formatting or reinstallation. Its very much similar to repair.

1) If your computer is infected by virus than first attach your infected hard disk to some other computer that have a good antivirus that can scan all latest threats and can delete them.

2) Scan your secondary hard disk clean its viruses.

3) Once you are sure its virus free now add infected (now cleaned) hard disk to its original machine.

4) Boot machine as normal.

5) Login on this machine from administrator group user.

6) Insert operating system CD in this it should be the same OS that you are running. If you are running Windows XP SP2 it should be windows XP sp2 or Windows XP sp3. If you are running Win2K3 it should be Win 2k3.

7) If your auto run is enabled it will give you a screen that will ask you to install windows on this system.

8) Click on install windows link ( first option)

9) In next screen it will ask you to upgrade or new installation Choose upgrade. Now drop it for next one hour.

10) Once it’s upgraded you might face problem of screen resolution just restart your machine once again and it will be corrected by default. You all the software and drivers are as it was before installation.


1) I always recommend taking backup of your important data before doing anything like this. In fact one should take back-up of all imp data before making any change.

2) Operating system CDs should be correct and correct version too.

3) Make sure to install Latest Antivirus with update before connecting it on network or internet.


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