Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component install failed:

I am posting this new post after a long time but had nothing to exciting to post here mean while. I was buried in solving this problem on my network. My teams developer work on and now they are moving toward vs.net2008 and my one job is to install these new version on their computer but in many computer I found problem when it reach to installing “Microsoft visual studio web authoring component” I searched for its solution but got nothing working. Few said if you have VS 2008 beta installed uninstall that but I didn’t have beta on my computer, few said uninstall office 2007 and then install it will work but it worked on some computer without uninstalling office 2007, than on one forum I got the solution that uncompress this specific folder and run the setup than once this webauthoring component is installed run the vs2008 setup again and it won’t give any problem again.

Here is the process for solving this problem.

1) Open your dvd\wcu \WCU\WebDesignerCore.
2) Copy the WebDesignerCore.EXE file on your desktop.
3) Uncompress it using winrar. (You can download winrar from
4) In this uncompressed folder double click on setup.exe. it will install Microsoft visual studio web authoring component.
5)Once this setup is complete run the VS2008 setup again. Now it won’t give any problem.Now Enjoy the Visual studio 2008 without any problem


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