Start application from Run panel

It’s always good to open a program in Windows XP by just pressing ctrl+r à program command and enter, but it’s not applicable for all the programs like yahoo messenger or Google talk pr any program that you use. If it’s not their by default but we can make a shortcut easily to create shortcut of those applications. Here is process for creating a shortcut to start application from run command.

1) Make a short cut of application that you want to use from run.

2) For making shortcut either use create new shortcut wizard of windows or go to the exe location of that particular program. Suppose you want to use yahoo messenger than go to C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger rite click on YahooMessenger.exe and click on send to desktop option.

3) It will create a shortcut of yahoomessager.exe on your desktop. Rename it to your desired name. I gave name AP yahoo.

4) Now copy this shortcut and paste it into c:\windows\system32

5) Press windows and then type APyahoo and enter. It will start your yahoo messenger.

6) You can make shortcut for any program that you want even for your particular file by this method


flexter said...

Thanks Dude, it's Great

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