Main board, Processor, RAM information gathering tool

If we have an old computer that’s main board is unknown for us and we cannot get it by opening the PC box also worst thing is that we don’t have its driver then we will feel fear to reformat this machine as neither we know the name of this main board nor we have driver for this. I also had the same problem than I looked for some tool that can give me detail of the main board but I got something more than that.
I got cpu-z it’s a free small tool that can get information of not only main board but also processor speed, Processor core, Ram frequency ,Main board detail, Cache information and in which slot what is ram size that is connected ,brand name of ram chipset etc.

This is a free tool from

You can download this tool from its website or directly from here


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Interesting and informative post.I think everybody want to know about his/her computer. Thanks for sharing the information. Keep the spirit and share more posts with us.
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