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When I was new to computer I use to imagine if I could install and run more than one operating system simultaneously without rebooting computer but it was not possible for me that time. 2 years back some one introduced me with virtualization technology and VMware virtual machine. Since then I was using VMware but I was not happy with it as it was not free and I do not like to use Pirated products but I was using VMware for my home till I got Virtual box.

Virtual box is a free and open source virtual machine that works well on windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris host that run large number of operating system including all windows till vista , Linux and Solaris.

It’s not as robust as VMware workstation is but I must say its great virtualization software that can run multiple operating system on your single pc. It gives all the feature that VMware gives.

Here is feature Set of Virtual box

* Remote Desktop Protocol Control of VM by RDP

* iSCSI support

* USB support with remote devices over RDP

* Snapshots

* Seamless mode

* Clipboard

* Shared folders

* Special drivers and utilities to facilitate switching between systems

* Command line interaction (in addition to the GUI)

* Remote display (useful for headless host machines)

As its open source its source code is available to download and alter under General Public License

I just love this tool it’s only 22MB in size but not lacking any where in features or performance.

Well I can say a lot of things about Virtual box but that can fill lot of pages. Do Visit for more details in brief.

The Latest version of virtual box is 1.6 that you can download from here for your operating system or do visit

I wish If they can include MacOS as guest operating system also in near future that is very difficult


Anonymous said...

You can if you use Basilisk II, it is a free 680x0 emulator.

If you use a Macintosh LC ROM, you can run up to MacOS 8.1. Apple up to version 7.5.3 Revision 2 for free.

Unknown said...

You explained the drawback of the VM ware machine.That is the old version. Now new is virtual box and you explained and the features and the benefits of the virtual box.It helps a lot.Thanks.
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