Five tips for Computer faster performance

Five tips to Computer faster performance

Many time people ask me how they can improve the speed of their home computer stating that it’s Celeron 1 GHz so they can work. Practically speaking it’s not possible! But I don’t let them down with this answer I give them some tips that could allow them to work with better speed than usual. In my today’s blog post those tips are here

1)Remove unnecessary item in startup : one of the very-very important point get faster performance is that do not keep any software in your start-up that you don’t use from start of your computer to shutdown of your computer. You can remove unwanted start-up program from run->msconfig->startup. Now remove the entire unwanted program from here. So it would not consume your system ram.

2)Minimise window instead of Alt+tab:If you need to see the other window of Firefox from winword or from one program to another program I would recommend to minimise the leaving program window instead of using cnatrol+tab. Now Question is why and the answer is when you move from one window to another window without minimising it,it would consume the same amount of the ram that when it was consuming when it was being used by you, but if you minimise the window then computer feels its not being used by you anymore and it don’t need more resource to run in front.

3)Remove temp files: one very important part of the keeping your system performance healthy is keep deleting temporary files of your computer. For deleting temporary file I am not going to recommend any tool just follow the simple steps.
a.Start->run->%temp% and press enter
b.Delete all the files from this folder and that’s done.
c.If it says to you this file cannot be deleted than skip that file and delete other for avoiding this message you can do this temp folder cleaning task just after restart so it would not give you any error of file usage.

4)Keep your system root drive (generally C) drive free as much as possible. Basically it’s recommended to keep the space 4 times than your RAM because it will have the space to create system file in your system.

5)Use disk Defragment time to time so it can arrange your computer’s hard disk data in a order and it need less time to read the data from hard disk. A must do task for slow hard disk computers.

How to remove program from startup and what is Disk defragmentation and how to do it!

I have already posted these topics on my blog previously that support this post. Please refer the links in this post to understand them.

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