Remove Program from Startup

Remove Program from Startup

Many time you find that a lot of unnecessary program are starting at boot time and you don’t have them in your start-up folder so how to remove them. We can simply remove them from one of the windows inbuilt tool. To remove program from start-up take following steps

1) Start -->run-->msconfig and enters.

2) It will open “system configuration utility”.

3) Select the start-up tab

4) Remove the programs that are not required at start-up.

Before removing any programs from start-up please look at its path once.

If this path end up with system32 than it’s recommended not to remove that program, it might be a necessary program for your computer.

It’s this program do not have any path and it have just a command than also do not remove that from start-up its one of the required program for smooth system performance

This post is not a very important post but I have to give a reference for this to my comming post so i have to add this in my today's blog post.

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