View 100+ files in explorer

View 100+ files in explorer

When you work in an office sometimes you get a file that is not readable for your computer because you do not have that particular software installed in your computer and you really don’t need that to install on your computer because you need that really so in that case you have only 2 options first one is install the software on your computer or second go to someone who already have that software installed.

If it’s like a pdf reader or something like that you can install it on your own computer but what if you get a cdr (corel draw ) file or psd (photoshop ) file than what you will do. It’s very resource consuming software and too costly too so what we should do. I searched for this and got a great tool called Explorer View you can download this software and can view 100+ files windows explorer only doesn’t matter that particular software viewer is installed in your computer or not.

Here is complete list of the Explorer View file that is visible from

You can download this from its website


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