Stop chkdsk during windows start-up.

Stop chkdsk during windows start-up.

Yesterday someone in my office told me whenever he boot his laptop it ask for chckdsk for disk check and even if its checked completely once and computer shutdown properly it goes in check disk mode again when boot next time. He asked me to do something for that. He claimed he already searched for the same on Google and he found about registry editing that he don’t want to do as he is not good in registry thing.

I believe he did not search properly else he could have done easily that also.

I have read somewhere back 1 year that we can stop check disk at boot time with a simple command but I never used it so I had no Idea what that command was. I looked for the same on Google and got the result.

Here is the command for disable check disk during boot time.

chkntfs /x c:

If you have more than one drive that goes for disk check you can add that drive name followed by a space.

chkntfs /x c: d:

For running this commands boot your windows than open command prompt (start ->run->cmd->enter) and type the above command, Its done.

Next time you windows will not ask you to do a disk check after this.


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