Make a shortcut for shutdown logoff and restart on Desktop

Make a shortcut for shutdown logoff and restart

Many people have a question why they cannot get a shortcut for shutdown or restart or for logoff my question is who said you cannot get it. You can get it, and it’s as easy as making a shortcut of your folder or file from any location. Here is the method for shutdown, restarts and hibernate shortcuts. You can call these options from your run panel also.

1) Process for making shortcut.
a. Rite Click àNewàShortcut.

b. It will open a shortcut window
c. In its location name type the following commands for shutdown, restart or logoff and click on next. It will create a desktop shortcut and you can simply use these shortcuts to restart, logout or shutdown your pc.

2) Commands are
a. For shutdown: “shutdown -s –t 0 –f”.
b. For Restart: “shutdown –r –t 0 –f”
c. For logoff : “logoff”
–s stand for shutdown
-r stand for restart
–t stand for the time
0 stands for 0 second you can change your seconds to shutdown default is 30 second
-f stand for forceful execution of the command if anything is running background it will close that without asking to you.

3) You can call these shortcuts from your run panel also so no need of click on desktop twice its procedure is very simple. Here is a detailed post for making any file,folder and program shortcut
a. Give a desired name to these shortcuts. (Make sure these name are not commands already there you can test those name by running on run panel.)
b. Copy these shortcuts in C:\Windows\System32.
c. Call these commands from run any time.

4) You can change these shortcuts icon also in very simple way.
a. Rite clik on shortcut and go to properties
b. Slect shortcut tab
c. Change icon and choose your desired icon.
d. It’s done

I would recommend you to test these shutdown icons only when you are not running anything serious so if you shutdown your computer in temptation of testing these shortcuts you will not lose any working data.


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