Disable Touchpad of laptop

Disable Touchpad of laptop

I was not available last 3-4 day due to some person reason here I am with my new post.

Many time people come to me by mail or personally with saying that we want to disable our laptop touch pad, few suggested them to disable it from bios and but my concern is if you want to use your laptop while resting n your couch you can either rest or can use laptop not both so you must need your touch pad at that time.

In few laptop there are hot key for enable or disable touchpad but in most of the laptop its not there

We can simply disable and enable touchpad of laptop from following setting

Control panel->Mouse->Mouse Properties->Device Settings->Disable touch pad device.

After this suggestion few people come back to me with reply that they are not getting device tab in their mouse properties windows.

I looked the problem and found it’s not there due to unavailability of touchpad device driver. So please make sure to install the necessary touchpad driver of your laptop touchpad before disabling your touchpad.


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