Probably Best Free Antivirus : Antivir

Probably Best Free Antivirus

Daily I get lot of mails to suggest a free and best antivirus that need least resource with high security. I suggest them one and only Avira Antivir personal edition. It’s free and very good antivirus.

AVG is also free but AVG 7.5 support would not be there after this month’s 25th and AVG 8 is pathetic. AVG 8 use huge resource and that makes computer slow.

About Avira Antivir I am using that since almost 2 and half years. Back 30 Months I faced a big issue of “black worm Virus “and I checked almost every antivirus but none of them worked other than MacAfee , kaspersky and Antivir . I opted for Avira Antivir that time because it was free for home and personal use and very effective solution.

You can configure it for alerts and advance security option similar to any other Antivirus.

Antivir protect not only from Virus but also from Trojan and worms also. Along with this it covers AntiPhishing protection from phishingg . with its new version scanning is faster as it was never before.

You can download it from its website.


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