Piclens Best Browser extension so Far

Piclens Best Browser extension so Far

I would say this is the best extension for media search for Internet explorer and Firefox both. Either for Image or for Video on youtube or on supported sites. It’s very good tool fr or those who want to search images but they do not want to click on next and next after every few seconds

It changes the browser in a 3d wall and you can scroll search result images with your mouse as if you are scrolling a horizontal page. You can share images with your friends by just drag and drop; you can discover the latest news and can search different images and photo sharing website.

You can view any image in the full screen mode while you are scrolling by just double click another double click will take you back to wall. I had doubt about its bandwidth consumption if it will take more bandwidth than my normal usage and they replied like this

1. We did not want to define a minimum bandwidth because we think our software should work on all computers, but, ideally, the faster the better.

2. The amount of bandwidth consumed depends on the content you are viewing, we are just presenting it.

That means if you are going full screen it will not give you thumbnail image it will get a full screen image from original source. The good thing in this full screen image is that if you want to download this just go to Firefox by switch button right bottom corner and it will open the image you can switch back to piclens view with similar ease. Other than this one better feature is if you have 400*300 or any small size image than also it will stretch the image to full screen and most of the time full screen stretched image is not scattered.

Here is a video tour for this add on

You can get List of supported website here

You can download it for your browser from here

It support Firefox, internet explorer and opera for windows.


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