How to Add YouTube Video in blogger

How to Add YouTube Video in blogger.

Blogger provide video upload for any blog post but what if you want to use some YouTube video. Directly you cannot do it but it doesn’t mean blogger does not support it. There is a simple tweak for this thing and you can do it very easily as 1, 2 and 3...

Here is the process in steps.

1. First open your desired video in YouTube

2. Now copy the code embedded video for webpage (highlighted in image)

3. Now open the blogger and edit or create a new post.

4. Decide where you want to show the video for example I have decide a line as in below screen shot.

5. Now click on Edit HTML तब

6. You will get a screen like this

7 Paste your copied embedded code just after your desired line or your desired location.

8 Now click on compose link and it will show you a place for video.

9 You can click on preview to see if this video is properly entered in your blog post or not before publishing it।

Here is an example for this

Hope it was useful for you

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